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  1. Hola Arez. Te contesto desde Asturias - España... Yo también llevaba muchos años con Photoshop, con Windows. Pero me gusta más el Mac. Lo que suponía pagar a Ps de nuevo, para poder usarlo con el Mac.... He probado ambos Affinity (Photo y Designer) y la verdad que estoy encantado. Por lo menos para mis necesidades, son el sustituto perfecto, para nada echo en falta a Ps. Más bien me gustan más estos productos que Photoshop. Aún me quedan un par de cositas que mejorar, sólo llevo un año comparado a los muchos con Ps. Pero estoy encontradísimo y no te preocupes, has hecho una buena inversión. Por cierto, gracias también a quien tuvo la iniciativa de abrir foro en español. Somos una gran comunidad con un espléndido idioma hablado con maravillosos acentos por medio mundo.... Aunque también sepamos el inglés :)
  2. Yes, thank you. I've seen few of them. Actually I'm in love with Affinity (I discovered it very recently). It is great and with a very very reasonable price, actually its amazing. I'm so in love with it that this afternoon I purchased Affinity Designer too.... I'm surprised how rich, powerful, great it is. Until now, for vectorial design I used Inkscape. I'm gonna change for Affinity Designer to have two sister apps (Photo+Designer), rather than Photoshop+Inkscape. I know I'll need time to get with these apps the same knowledge that I've with Photoshop but actually it seems a great and good change. I hope Affinity will be very successful and make big money and then issue all the tutorials in the second world language, in spanish (my language :rolleyes: ). Thanks anyway to have the app in spanish. It's obviously much easier for us. I'm located in Spain, but I usually work for companies in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and few other of our language community... Thank you and kind regards MEB
  3. Thank you very much. Tried and succeeded. :D I suppose i'll have many more questions. It's not being easy, too many Photoshop years.... But i'll do it. I'm loving Affinity Photo
  4. I updated the Mac OS yesterday and both Photo and Designer works right.
  5. Well, my first week with Affinity. Surprising and amazing. Great. I love it. :) A week of hard training in my extra time... I'm hardly trying to get rid with Photoshop and to replace it by Affinity in my job, but it's hard to replace after many years of usage. I'm a very newbie beginner and have a lot a questions. I would be very grateful if somebody could please help me.... So my first question is the following. I wasn't able to open few documents within the same workspace and to slide a layer from one to the other. I suppose this is possible but I wasn't able to do it. Is there a way to do it? Thanks in advance for any response.
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    Hello, I'm Tino from Spain. I've just acquired Affinity and it's a great good surprise. I´m a quite old Photoshop user but it I'm sure Affinity is gonna be a my favourite tool in some time. At the moment I've just watched at the online tutorials but it seems really really great. Hope I'll be ready to professionally use it in a reasonable delay of time and i'll be also ready to forget Photoshop (and it's prices policy) :) I'll certainly ask for help in this forum, Affinity seems a complex and very complete tool, and it's not easy to forget years of Photoshop usage. But I'll do... Thaks, Affinity crew. Keep raising

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