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  1. Talking about artboards: If I create a document with the artboards unchecked, I will be able to create artboards later? Right now it seems not possible. You must create a document with the Create artboards option checked to have them.
  2. Uau! Thanks, MEB. I am an old FreeHand user and you had a command called [Cut Contents] in the Edit Menu.
  3. Hi! If I paste inside several elements I know that with Command + clic I can select and edit isolated elements one by one. But I just want how to revert the paste inside. I mean select the group of the elements ”pasted inside” and be able to ”set them free”. Thanks a lot!
  4. Hello I just want if a simple technique that is available in nearly all graphic applications works on AD. I tried, but it does not work as expected. If I place a image in say, a TIFF format in gray mode, usually I can apply it the colour I desire. But in AD I get an undesired effect. See the image. From up to down: 1. Gray image. 2. Colour applied in AD. 3. The result that is OK (made it apart on other application). Thanks so much for a grrrreat app!!
  5. I totally agree, Jim. FreeHand was (and in some way is) the king of vector work. SO simple, so awesome. With 4 panels you can do the 85% of the work, changing everything in no time. The Inspector panel, for example: change any corner of a square. The gradations. the different tones of the same color in a useful panel, replicate forms and multiple elements in no time so so easy... Illustrator: Lot of panels and effects, replicate is a real pain. Change a tone of a simple colour a real adventure for a new user. Just try to convert the 4 corners selected of a square at the same time to round corners: You must to convert 3, and then, select the last point and change to round corner. A lot of common and simple techniques are so complicated and intrincated that I think that the engineers behind Illustrator are real sadic and mad or crazy people. Here I remember other one: Why Illustrator need to draw all all the time? Please! redraw or show selected what I have selected. No other thing. And remember: to select a element in the artboard zoom, zoom, zoom, zoooooom. With the view at 400% or more you can select the element you want to select. SO here are the parody of this things: http://adobegripes.tumblr.com/post/95263642574/illustrator-smart-guide-snap-accuracy-changes For me Illustrator is Frustrator from Hell's Cave software.
  6. Well. I Contact sheet as in Photoshop will be very good “as is”. But that is an interesting option.
  7. When I create a polygon with some opacity or gradient and try to use it as a container when I paste inside a polygon or image it does not work. I need to create 2 polygons: One for transparency and other as a container.
  8. Vectorize image is one of the basic features to be in a mature version of Affinity Designer. Great!
  9. Hi! I think AD will be more productive if it can manage text columns. When there is a lot of text and styles the obvious way to do is to switch to Affinity Publisher. I mean that AD must to be able to manage text boxes in a better way when the texts are not too much long. Just in the way FreeHand manage to do. Thanks and keep the good products rolling!
  10. The famous text on a circle question was in the famous too document that FreeFreeHand forum made to put clear the advantages of FreeHand versus Illustrator: http://www.freehandforum.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=919
  11. Mmmm... ¡Yes! Read this thread: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/1670-text-to-path/?hl=%2Btext+%2Bpath The roadmap is upon us! As a historical and loyal user of FreeHand is famous the trick: Write a text. Return. Write a text. Create a Circle. Insert the text on the circle. Text at top and text at the bottom tied at the circle following its path in 2 seconds.
  12. Read this thread: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/1060-to-the-basics-2-what-about-bleed/?hl=%2Bthe+%2Bbasics I think until AD will be able to support bleeds, you can do very easy the trick. If you need to design with a format, say, of 148x210 mm with bleeds, design the format at 154x216. Then put file in the image box of your publishing application.
  13. Hello I would like to improve a way to make a pseudo effect in 3D a lá FreeHand. The example is if I use the square tool with rounded squares, I would like to get a kind of isometric effect like the image I show. Actually is a little tricky to get done. OK. I see this thread and maybe the distortions tools include the effect I mentioned: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/1957-blend-object-along-curve/?hl=text&p=7960
  14. Again, We must say something about the way FreeHand does this stuff. The Classic option of put text around a path, inside a closed polygon or around a circle. So you write Affinity + Return + Designer and you can Flow around a circle the text. The result is the word Affinity in the top of the circle and the word Designer in the bottom. And the 2 words flow the circle's shape. Now you can make more changes: edit the text, paste a image that will flow with the text, move the point of the origin and that way you can drag the text moving it to adjust the way you desire.
  15. Here you have an example of a mockup of a Weather App: https://www.behance.net/gallery/19946545/iPhone-6-weather-app
  16. Hey, do you remember Adobe Streamline? Illustrator had eaten it. Tracing is a very good feature when you need an unique “aspect” of roughness. I used to work with scanned images or printed logos, for example, and get the material in a hurry when you do not need a lot of precision on the fidelity compared with the original. And is a very good option to raster a photograph or image and reduce the colors to any desired number. All converted to vectors and with the number of color or tones that you desire.
  17. OK, thanks. Thank you very very much. I will keep a big eye on the roadmap thread of this forum. I think that all the things that will you put on Affinity Design in the final release are very very big, necessary and in a good number. Lot of stuff, men!!! So I thought that the bleeds it will be available in one of those betas that you release every now and then... Anyway, ladys and gentleman, this thread is a MUST READ: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/842-affinity-designer-feature-roadmap/?hl=roadmap Pro Printing -Publishing PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4 -PDF Image compression -Trim and Bleed control -Overprint control -Printer marks including crop, registration, colour bars and Info -Pantone, Spot and Registration colours -Linked/Global colours -Tints of colours -Named colours and palette list mode -Font sub-setting control -Phase II transparency flattener Illustration & Design -Mesh fill tool -Mesh warp/distort tool -Text on a path -Knife tool -Line alignment -Calligraphic line styles -Symbols -Export slices previews with actual export data -Pages and Art-boards -Text features including Text Styles, Bullets and Numbering -Dashed line styles -Knockout groups Usability -Pasteboard design area -Replicate/Blend -Guides and grid improvements -User categories in the media browser for shapes and objects -Customisable shortcut keys
  18. Hi, folks of AD! Just a very simple question: How I stablish, define or adjust the bleeds in a document? Thanks ;)
  19. ¡Ah! BTW. To select a element or several elements you MUST drag the mouse to all elements? It is not possible to select it/them only just dragging the mouse in part to it/them?
  20. Hi! Sorry about the question, but I only find a way in AD to select an element that is behind another: Go to layers. Then select in this panel the desired element. In FreeHand you can use Ctrl+Click to select an element that is behind another. In QuarkXPress you click with the mouse an with the keys Caps+Option+Command pressed. Then you go back and forth the pile of elements clicking the mouse. That way you can select the desired element. Thanks for your help and keep up the good work! I spend some money in October. And you are the guilty!!! ;) Saludos desde España.
  21. Hi! Just 2 questions: 1. Is possible to fussion (blend) some elements, and like in other apps specify the number of steps? And if you no set free the group you can edit the number of steps always. Say, you have 2 lines. You can put this way 8 line more between them. Or if you have a star and a circle you can bend them.
  22. OK. The answer is in this thread: Bien, amigos, bien. A ver si hay suerte y el español está entre las primeras localizaciones. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/857-localized-languages/
  23. Hello! I wanted to know if you are in your roadmap of publication of AD When you will make the localization in Spanish. I will be one of the first buyers when you release the final version. BTW, Only will be available via MAS to purchase? I have contacted with a guy that has been translated other apps like Yazsoft, Unsanity, BatCHMod, etc... And he has offered to translate your grrrreat application!! ------------ Hola. Me gustaría saber cuándo localizaréis AD al español. Seré uno de los primeros compradores de AD en cuanto se publique. Por cierto, sólo estará disponible vía MAS cuando salga de estado Beta? He contactado con un traductor que ya ha localizado otras aplicaciones de Yazsoft, Unsanity, BatCHMod, etc... Se ofrece para ayudar a localizar vuestra fantástica aplicación.
  24. Hi! I am a spaniard (a guy from Spain - Europe). I live in the northern Spain. A city of 350.000 souls called Bilbao. It has the rights to be “Villa” since the year 1300. It was (and is) famous because of the Gugenheim museum. Well. Let us go to the point. I will say some words and you will know what my background is: Macintosh LC, QuarkXPress 3, Photoshop 2.5 and tadaaaa! FreeHand 3. Spaceship Warlock CD and Bryce, Fontographer, Typestyler and things like that. I studied Graphic Arts. I worked all my life in press, ad agencies, film bureaus and I made lot of stuff. I have draw a lot of vector lines in my life. FreeHand is for me nearly a second nature for me. Lot and lot of hours working with this great application. Fast and productive and anti-bloatware. No Fireworks, no circus, no nonsenses effects, no anti-productive routines and methods... Well. I am impressed with Affinity Designer and I send several works made in FreeHand MX 11.0.2 for research to the staff of Serif. I have a great feedback and hope that I will post a sentence in a FreeHand Forum that say: I use Affinity design and I feel so good using it as I was using FreeHand! Keep the good work!!!!
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