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  1. Ah I see, thanks for the clarification. So will the funds go through to Serif though? What should I do now? I did email them, but they didn't sort out my V2 License yet... Should I just wait then?
  2. It was on their website, not an in app purchase. I went on my banking app and it shows unprocessed, I phoned my bank to tell them to cancel the transaction so I can make the purchase again but the bank says the fund is awaiting collection so I cannot cancel. Funds been deducted off my account but there is nothing under V2 place and also, I haven't received any confirmation emails.
  3. So now I have a question, I went ahead and purchased the V2 License, funds got taken but nothing happened as yet, I did not get a confirmation email or anything. Sent 2 emails already, I sent it on Saturday but nothing yet. Almost a week now... come on.
  4. Thank you so much Brian, really happy to be so welcomed at this community with your assistance I did emailed them now, let see what they say.
  5. I actually went and bought the V2 license... The software is good, I'm just not fond of this type of so called discount. It makes the early supporters look stupid. Now I have another problem, I purchased the V2 license, money taken, but it says failed purchase... sigh, what is wrong with Serif lately
  6. This is exactly how I feel. Bought on the 11 October for the original price and now I see there is a V2... I'm kinda upset that we, the V1 people don't get compensated and they talk about purchasing once, yea I guess, they just didn't say there will be a V2 or a V3 or a V4... To be honest, even a discount code for existing user will be good. But oh well.
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