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  1. Well... They've granted me a V2 license today (one month from the purchase of V1), so I consider it solved. Can't complain. I was very disappointed at first, but not any more. @Patrick Connor Thank you👍 I hope there will be more clear communication from the Serif staff when V3 will be coming, thou.
  2. Patrick. Thank you for your swift reply. I didn't get any email offer that you've mentioned before, but when I was reading I got the email about the complimentary universal license. I can see it in my account now. You've came out with great class!
  3. I hope they will do something... As I've mentioned before, I'm a new customer, so I knew nothing about the new version release and paid full price for the soft that was about to be abandoned. I was not a member of this forum at that time, so I had no clue. Thanks for your reply.
  4. I'm a new customer and the release of the V2 was greatly dishartening for me. I've purchased Photo and Designer just a month ago and it seems that if I want the V2, I will need to pay again. Last week I got the email about V2 launch, I thought to myself "Great!", but in the same email I got informed that there will be no updates to V1. I felt abandoned just a month after purchase. If I knew that this will be the case, I would wait especially that I've paid more for two apps that you are charging now for universal license at the moment for three apps. When I was buying these apps, there was no info saying: "Hey, we are releasing a new version a month from now, so you may want to wait as there will be no updates to the current one. The update will be paid, so you will need to pay twice within a month". I am very disapointed with the situation at the moment. I've sent an enquiry to the Affinity support team a week ago, but didn't get a reply so far. Don't get me wrong, I like the software very much and I understand the business model, but still... this is a curved ball for me. This should not be the case after just one month after purchase.
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