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  1. Ok, thanks for the responses. I understand now. After making this post I looked around and see this reason is well known and it makes sense. I guess if I really want a portable I have to save up for an iPad...and pen...and case. It's ok, I want to upgrade my old tablet and this will be a huge consideration in my choices.
  2. Hello. I was wondering if Affinity would one day be on Android because I would love to use Affinity on the go or have an extra portable device to work with but I don't have any plans to get Apple products. Nothing against them, I only see myself buying apple stuff when/if I ever have super extra cash laying around. Since I'm on PC Windows, Android would be a much more seamless experience. Thanks in advance.
  3. Just a suggestion, maybe tell your IT boss to get it now for the discount price instead of paying $70 or $169 when the msi drops. It's like a pre-order at a low price where you can still kinda play with the app version in the mean time. Also would like to say Great Move buy the Serif team for announcing this. I will be switching to msi when it comes. Feels good when a company is listening with empathy and I know my investment is in a good place.
  4. With the programs open, I just right-clicked and pinned them to my taskbar. The icons are preserved in that case. It's an alternative if you can live without them being out on the desktop screen. I usually pin my favorite programs to the taskbar anyway.
  5. I would've kicked myself if I didn't take advantage and buy the whole suite for $100. My main interest was Photo, then Design. I was gonna just get those 2 but then saw I can get Publisher for $20 more so.... If you can get a copy of Call of Duty MW2 for $70 without whining because you had the earlier versions, you can do this.
  6. Perhaps the real question is, can the user use the program as intended and also find ways to communicate with the 3rd party programs they want to link to? As long as these are doable, then yeah, maybe it's harder or require more tasks to set up the way some would like it, but overall, the program works and we can still enjoy why we bought it in the first place. One thing I didn't hear anyone say so far is that because it's an app, it doesn't work on their windows machine. It's more a matter of convenience. I still think it would be nice to have an exe version as a choice, but the current state does not stop me from using Affinity if this is the way it is going forward. No anger here. My worry is more about other's reactions.
  7. I'm a brand new customer on PC. I have no regrets about buying the universal license for the price but I do share concern about not having an exe option for program accessibility and found it was strange the way I had to install the trial but didn't realize this was why. It seems unnecessary to put hardship or confusion on a customer base without giving the familiar option we PC users are accustomed to. I was all ready to just point my other programs like Sketchup, etc. to Affinity like I did my CS6 but see the hoops that are a turn off. I'm rooting for the future of this company to continue to be a viable alternative to creative rentware and want to see Serif succeed. This move have me worried. I humbly ask that you please give us the option for either exe like most of our most used program files and if anyone wants to use the app version they still have that choice. A big key word when it comes to creative people is "Options".
  8. Well, I pulled the trigger and got the Universal License. I will still keep CS6 especially for the "Actions" feature. I hope Affinity gets this kind of automation because I often do projects that require processing many images. But I take Affinity for what it is and not looking at it as either or. I guess since I'm starting fresh with a new program, when I discover something I never did in CS6, I'll investigate to see if it was always there.
  9. I downloaded and did some tests with Affinity already with the trial. I think my system can handle it. Windows 10, i7 8700k, 32gb RAM, GTX980Ti, M.2 SSD.
  10. I got your point. Well I already made up my mind to get the whole suite and I will keep my CS6 installed for things I need to get done quickly until I learn Affinity. So consider me a new Affinity user regardless. I just want to try and break out of habits and learn new things when it comes to working with these programs. I would facepalm myself if I got all excited about learning a new time saving feature that I had all along in CS6. But it wouldn't really matter. More tools, the better.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I just know I'm gonna buy it especially with the discount going on now (it's a no brainer really). And just because I buy Affinity does not mean I have to uninstall CS6. It's just that I have a routine with CS6 and I'm no photoshop guru so there are features I likely do not take advantage of to this day so it's a bit challenging for me to gauge how feature rich Affinity 2 is compared to the older CS6. I was thinking perhaps there are many features Affinity have over CS6 because of how dated CS6 is. Just curious what they would be.
  12. Hi. I refuse to go any further with Adobe's subscription and been using CS6 for many years now. I do feel like I'm missing out on newer features and I'm wondering if I switch to Affinity 2, will I be doing an upgrade? Does Affinity have a lot of new features that CS6 does not have and what are they? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi. My name is Dennis from Brooklyn NY. I'm an artist with paint as well as digital and 3D. Looking forward to engage in these forums with fellow creatives.
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