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  1. +1 from me. This can really be handy.
  2. +1 as export in multiple formats and resolutions is really needed. Maybe something like Adobe Generator? Very clever. btw: I also used Opacity for years and even it looks outdated, it simply is genius! Love it.
  3. I am not talking about multi-page products like brochures, books and so on. I am talking about artboards where I can have different versions of a design (e.g. a logo) for a customer or different sizes for a design in the same document. This feature would also be very handy if you design icons. I have to agree with Stephen_H: I would choose a "Publisher" product for multi-page products but artboards are a must for me for an illustration app. I simply can't live without it.
  4. Many Illustration apps include Artboards and Pages today because this is a very important feature (Sketch, Illustrator, …). I don't want to always switch apps for a design process. Especially to create mockups I want to have them all in 1 document and not spread over several files for different programs. A multi-page PDF will be shown with individual pages in the file system and with QuickLook Plugins on the mac you can even have more options for previews. I have to be honest, I haven't used AD a lot in the past few weeks because of the missing Art Boards. AD is a great tool but I if it doesn't include Art Boards, I will never switch away from Illustrator and Sketch and will certainly not use AD - which is a shame.
  5. Yes, artboards are a vital component in my design workflow and I can't live without it. They are not only useful for creating multi-page documents but also do keep ideas together (and batch export them). I also need to create different designs for e.g. front and back and don't want to create a separate document for each. Many components need to be perfectly aligned when creating two-sided work. I haven't used AD a lot yet because of this missing feature!
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