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  1. Hi, if you change the resolution of the project e.g. by half in the Document Setup of the Draw Persona then the slices in the Export Persona are not updated. However the export seems to be fine. Regards Arnd
  2. I figured out what is going wrong. Here is how you can reproduce the issue: 1. Add an object. Eg. an ellipsis with a solid color and a size of 200x200 pixel 2. Add the inner glow effect to it. 3. Set radius to 60 for instance and select Edge. 4. Go to export persona and select the object with the layer select tool. 5. Create a slice from the object. You will see that the bounding box is much larger than the object itself. If you export the slice as a PNG image you can see that the whole object has grown to the size of the bounding box. It seems that the size of the object is not correctly measured if the inner glow effect is used. Please fix this bug as soon as you can. I have many sprites using this effect. I cannot publish my game because of this bug. Thanks in advance Arnd
  3. Hello guys, I encountered a really annyoing bug. I am not able to export my slices in my desired size anymore. All slices are too big. In Draw Persona my objects have a size of 400x400 pixels. In Export Persona the surrounding rectangle of an object is much bigger than the object itself leaving transparent pixels around the object. The rectangle measures 526x526 pixels for instance while the object is still 400x400 pixels. When the object is exported to PNG the resulting file is 526x526 pixels and my object has grown to this size. The size should be 400x400 pixels. I can send you a designer file as a PM if you like. Regards Arnd
  4. @Stena: Yes, sometimes I noticed this behavior, too. But I cannot tell exactly when this happens.
  5. Hello guys, I noticed that the scrolling position of the layers list is somehow linked between two documents. In order to reproduce please create two new documents and add several objects to each one so that the layer lists can be scrolled. If you switch between the documents and scroll in the layers list you will notice that the scroll positition is lost when you switch back to the other document. Best regards
  6. Hello guys, I just noticed in my project that I cannot perceive easily whether layers are currently visible or not in Export Persona. For my game I had to raster a background layer and duplicate it two times in order to get only some areas of it to be exported as slices. I accidently hid both layers so only the background was still visible. I think it would be very helpful if I could see if layers are visible in the layers list of the Export Persona or if I get a warning message that tells me that the slices to be exported will be empty. Best regards! :)
  7. Hey all, how about rasterizing a layer to a new pixel layer and leave the source layer as it is? What do you think about this? I think this could be helpful if you want to add a mask to some areas of the layer but need the original layer as a backdrop. Best regards!
  8. Hello guys, another improvement came to my mind. Is it possible to get a new dotted or segmented line style? Best regards!
  9. The gray chapter

  10. Hey guys, I think it would be helpful if there was a CMD+A shortcut in the lists mentioned above. I am currently creating many sprites. Each sprite is exported as one slice. All sprites are then packed with TexturePacker in a single texture. It would be helpful if the selected layers or slices in the list could be checked / unchecked with just one click.
  11. Hello guys, I think it would be very helpful if I could see the live mouse coordinates somewhere in the GUI. Maybe you could also offer OpenGL world coordinates with the point of origin in the centre of the document. This would make it easier to make GUIs in a 2D OpenGL game because you don't have to calculate the correct vectors for positioning the objects by yourself. I would really appreciate it if the aspect was also considered: Say you have a 1536x2048 document. The corresponding world coordinates would be -1 .. 1 on the x axis and -1.333 .. 1.333 on the y axis. I am currently working on my first game for the iPhone/iPad and I must say that I am really excited about Affinity Designer because I can make good looking graphics fast and easy. I used InkScape before but it lacks heavily a good workflow. You guys have done many many things right! Keep up the good work! :)
  12. It would be very helpful if the last selected export folder for a document was saved. I always export the slices to the same folder but every time the document is re-openend, the export folder is lost.
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