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  1. I was hoping there would be a modifier key added to the node tool to allow deleting a line segment between two nodes. There is a method available now that is time consuming and involved. Many times I create part of a design then realize I want to cut a line to change part of an element. I taught Adobe Illustrator for several years before retiring but am still trying to master Designer at the same level. I hope development continues as I plan to stay with it.
  2. Aammppaa I see what you are asking for. It would be beneficial to be able to assign more keyboard shortcuts. Right now there are limited choices for that and I am not sure what issues there would be in opening more options. Illustrator has the option to create just about any shortcut and assign that globally. I'm trying not to use Illustrator as the example to aspire too, it's just that they have covered a lot in many years. I'm really indicating that possibility has been implemented by others. I am sure if there are enough requests for this feature, Serif will add it in a future release. I know I would use it.
  3. Aammppaa, I continued to search the forum and found the answer for me. Scroll down and you will find an example of using the Option/Alt key to accomplish this. I have the Designer Workbook but this example isn't included and would be very helpful in understanding how the Pen Tool works. I tried this out and find the simplicity is what I was looking for. I need to work on a more complex line drawing to get my skill level up with Designer. I also found there are issues with different system mouse settings. The program is more sensitive to mouse movement and will easily create a curve node where not intended. This would solve the rest of my issue. I'll need to experiment further or maybe change to a wired mouse instead to eliminated sporadic problems. I hope this information is helpful and it works for you.
  4. Amazing.... I was hoping to find out if this is possible just now. I am trying to master the Pen Tool in Designer and haven't had a lot of success. I am an Illustrator user since version 3, so I am very familiar with graphics programs. I taught Adobe Illustrator for the last two years before retiring. The best tip I gave students was to draw with one hand on the keyboard and use the shortcuts. This is a requirement for professional survival in a very competitive field. I want this too........ please.
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