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  1. Problem is back again. I have checked all the pressure setting and they are fine. Some lines don't get properly exported as a PDF file. I have to turn a 5px line into a 16 px line to have properly exported.
  2. Great. That was it. I probably changed it while trying out brushes. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I have made lines that won't export with the proper width. I have allready checked the different settings and they are all OK. I am exporting a PDF of the selected object only. Attachement are screen captures in PNG. And this is how big I have to make the lines to export properly.
  4. This is really frustrating. A lock layer should simply be...locked and you can,t edit anything. It happens to me that by mistake I erased a small portion of a "locked" layer and then I work on another layer and discover down the line my erased "locked" layer. Locked means locked!
  5. Hi, Can't seem to find how to change the canvas size in AFD. It is not in the document setting. Do I have to change the whole document and then resize the work? Thanks.
  6. Thank you Walt, That is a bit counter intuitiv but it works that way.
  7. I made s short screenmovie. We can see that the stroke is set to none. But I can still see it. The only way to remove it is to bring down the width to 0. This has happened in other files. I'm always wondering if I am the culprit here but I don't see why this happens so maybe something else. ScreenFlow.mp4
  8. Thank you Walt, Like I said, this is most likely a one time problem and most probably related to something in my file. No use spending any energy on this.
  9. I have just checked every layer. Nothing special. All layers fit in the design so there are no big images outside the selection.I don't really know why this is going on. Since I have found a workaround I will just leave it. I don't have any problems with other files.
  10. Yes, I did a quick search but I'm going to go through each layer and check that out. Let you know what I find. Many thanks
  11. Notice the difference between the size of the selected object and the export of the same object.
  12. Application: Affinity Photo Layer is selected The size of the object I am exporting remains the same size as the document Scaling down manually is taking a corner and dragging it to the size you want. Look at the name of the included screenshots for a description.
  13. I found a workaround but that was probably the reason. I remember this now. With a lot of layers some seem to escape my eye. Thanks.
  14. Well I have another problem...UPDATE: Now it works...Mystery. RE-UPDATE: And now it doesn't work..... When I select a region inside an inage it won't erase when I use the delete key. It erases the whole image. Using Mac Catalina latest.
  15. Hello, Document is 7000 X 5000 px. When I select the image I want to export---> selection only It remains at the same size as the document. It won't scale. If I scale down manually and export it becomes even bigger. 14498 X 10057px and this is with selection only. I am missing a clue!
  16. At the moment I create a brush set for every project. Hopefully I don't forget any.. ;-)
  17. Thanks Richard, I tried with Lanczos3 and it works very well. I am upscaling but not to an exagerated size.
  18. Thank you. Mostly pictures of stamps. Some are simple graphics while others are much more complex illustrations. I will try with the Lanczos3 and compare.
  19. I might need to upscale some images. What would be the proper algorythm for PNG images?
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