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  1. .msix isn't as well supported as .exe as far as I understand. Due to this it's not likely to happen anytime soon.
  2. That's cool! One more major roadblock removed. Hopefully after that, they'll focus on UI/UX like Inkscape did.
  3. Yeah, that's what we have been using for about a year now after my business switched to using mainly PopOS. we do mainly Vector and Raster art, but when I do need to manipulate a photo it does just fine. I'd rather support a native solution that supports the platform than duct a half broken solution that could be broken with each new version. Inkscape 1.2 replaced Designer for us and Krita mostly replaced Photoshop/Photo. We also use Dark Table and RawTherapee as well. Honestly, there isn't a whole lot we miss. YMMV but we made it work for us.
  4. Honestly, I'm not surprised. They have made it very clear this isn't a platform they want to support and that's totally fine and their choice. That being said, I love what they are doing by being an alternative to Adobe's subscription model. But I also won't be buying software that doesn't work on the platform I use either, and that's cool too.
  5. Cool, thanks for clearing that up! It has some good photo editing abilities as well. That being said it is outstanding for drawing and painting.
  6. Cool, looks like bottles and this configuration is working on Pop!_OS 22.04 too. Once the flickering is sorted we'll be in good shape. I went ahead and turned in a report on WineHQ for Affinity Photo. I'm encouraging others to do the same.
  7. Make sure to report your findings on WineHQ for the flickering etc. There are no reports showing it is out of garbage mode currently. So please provide your results there to do your part of helping. This way you can get the community and wine developers to start assisting with these issues. https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=18332 As far as Bottles goes, from what I understand and this might be out of date information. But there is/was an issue on the Ubuntu family tree of distros that wasn't resolved when I attempted it.
  8. Please post your findings on the WineHQ website as well. https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=18332 it will help narrow down where the work needs to be done. If the Vulkan Child dll issue isn't required this could be a viable path to a working setup.
  9. So you can download the exes here. Including old versions of the software. You can test on a trial I believe. https://store.serif.com/en-gb/update/windows/photo/1/ https://store.serif.com/en-gb/update/windows/designer/1/ https://store.serif.com/en-gb/update/windows/publisher/1/
  10. Yeah, it's getting closer! It's missing a core graphic dll which causes issues with Vulkan Surfaces. This same missing dll is holding up all of the affinity programs with the issue you described. Support will come from the community eventually. The other way you can help support making Affinity a priority is making it reach #1 on the https://appdb.winehq.org/votestats.php top 25 requested programs page. Affinity Photo is currently listed as #2.
  11. Krita is decent. Inkscape got quite the UI/UX upgrade in 1.2 if you haven't tried it in awhile. GIMP however... yeah still in the same situation it has been for years.
  12. Support costs time, money, and resources. There is no such thing as minimal support. It's either supported or not. If people pay for a product they are going to rightfully expect it to work with full support. All that being said it needs to make sense business-wise to them. Trust me, it's not as easy as just lightly sorting it out on PlayonLinux and Lutris. There is a reason they have different versions and operating systems on listed on WINEHQ. This isn't just about hitting a few toggles and making it work on all Distros. WineHQ and Proton are working miracles but you need to keep in mind most games have somewhat similar requirements, which is why you are likely under the impression this would be a quick and easy process as support for games seems to quick these days. Support and workarounds will come eventually to Wine, but it will come from those communities, and likely not Serif. The reason Affinity line isn't working properly right now there some core dlls that aren't supported yet in WINE. I'm not defending against Affinity coming to Linux, but it needs to make sense. I say that as a full-time user of Linux and someone who has bought Photo, Designer, and Publisher and not using them in favor of native alternatives on Linux and would likely buy Affinity Photo again if it had full Linux support.
  13. Agreed on most counts. As far as Apple and System76 goes, You take the bad parts about Apple and throw them in the dumpster and you have System76(No hardware restrictions, you can change anything about it, install the software on anything you want, etc.) That being said I might be biased, I use Pop!_OS, love it, and recommend it to everyone. Photopea is a great option for simple projects, It has performance issues the more complicated it gets, if you don't use a tablet with pressure support as part of your workflow, and there is no perpetual license of the software without ads, without a subscription. For my use case at least, I think Krita is the best photo editor on Linux. Which is hilarious because they don't claim to be one, but they are a fork of GIMP, so their is at least an older GIMP instance under the hood without the majority UI/UX issues of GIMP with better UI/UX, CYMK, non-destructive work, effect layers etc. I think Krita is comparable to Affinity Photo, with a better painting experience, but the photo editing tools aren't well advertised and almost as good, the UI/UX is slightly worse because photo editing isn't the forefront, and their font tool has a weird popup interface to place text.
  14. I have no idea. I have seen others use it with good performance and that's all I know about it.
  15. Exactly, this is the reason I left using Windows as my primary Operating System for personal, my business use, and at work with my workstation. With Windows you don't own it anymore. Each edition pushes required online accounts more and more. They are actively adding and testing new ad locations on the Operating System. It's likely going to go to a subscription service at some point. I got tired of having to run debloaters to remove 2gbs of telemetry and ads used by ram and a variable amount on CPU usage. I work in IT as a day job and the amount of hours we spend removing all the bloat from our Windows Workstations creating custom images is staggering. Some of those return even if removed when you update the OS. It is an undisputed fact that Windows has become malware. It's no longer an opinion, its fact. If Serif someday decides to support Linux I'd be overjoyed, If they don't support it... oh well, that's their call. I don't believe it is going to happen anytime soon either. I do believe you have correctly identified why there is so much toxic behavior about Serif supporting other operating systems on these forums. Users on the supported systems will shout down any suggestion for another platform to support other operating systems because they believe it will "waste money and support on it" and perceive it as a threat to Serif's resources. I'm honestly not too concerned about it anymore. Open Source software is maturing especially Blender, Inkscape 1.2, Krita, etc. is proof of that. Also, Windows software through wine is getting better every week and while I will not use them for a few reasons, the Linux community figured out how to use Photoshop & Illustrator Adobe CC products on Linux awhile ago, so it's already here.
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