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  1. It works! Of course its not perfect, the viewport flickering is a little distracting, but I'm in no position to blame the development until now. Maybe there is a way/setting to make things smoother. Also I have some difficulties saving files (Missing permission) and opening it in the OS 😅 Research time and here
  2. I need to try this once I'm at work! 1stn00b answer should get pinned. We all know that affinity is not officially supporting Linux, but maybe this explanation would reduce also Support time 😂
  3. Still can't wait to have a working solution. Bottle looks promising! As a Web Developer i really miss nothing in Linux, just the ease of affinity programs for making the graphics 😅 Btw why there are ppl against the port? Does it hurt to have more options? It must be a market, or else nobody would invest in it, even Microsoft wouldn't do. I remember most people, me included, were feared to go Linux because #1 missing Game Support and #2 missing enterprise software. #1 is tackled by valve ❤️ #2 looking to serif. When this done, having the freedom to choose the OS not bound to it's 3rd party software is a nice thing! Why the counter words 😅
  4. I freshly switch from windows to Linux. I miss nothing but my affinity programs.. I read about 500.000€ serif needs to build a Linux version, where is the button to pledge? Only money makes decisions for directions, right? Why here goes all with market share, Linux devices and so on, it will not change the goal of getting affinitys to Linux if suddenly one person is in right. Money has a much stronger word. We have now 2022, I found a post from 2014, something must be done or it will never happen
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