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  1. Hi Gabe! no, the problem unfortunately remains in the latest beta version. Regards, Peter
  2. Hi, thanks for the fast reply! I can not set the format or the bit depth on the scanner directly or in the driver. I can just choose between color or grayscale. The datasheet from Canon says: For color scans 16 bit internally and 8 bit externally, both in RGB and for greyscale either 16 or 8 bit (whereby I did not find, where I can select the depth). If I let me see the image depth after the scan in AP, there is 8 bits and as a color format either RGB or grayscale, depending. So format and depth seems to be right. For grayscale scans, the image is ok by the way, the error occurs only in color scans, as I just noticed. Best regards, Peter
  3. Hello! Whenever I try to scan an image using the Akquire Images menu command, Affinity Photo results in a destroyed image. To clarify the error, see the attached pictures. The one, how it should look, the other, what comes out in Affinity. This happened with Affinity Photo in the current version 1.6.7 on an iMac with High Sierra 10.13.6 and the scanner in the Canon Pixma TS 8150, which is controlled by the original Apple Airprint driver. When I scan into Apple's Preview APP, the whole thing works fine, even with other programs that scan with Apple's built-in engine. Therefore, I can rule out an error somewhere between the scanner and the iMac / operating system and suspect that the integration of the Apple scanner driver in AP does not work properly. Does anyone know the problem or even know a solution? Best regards, Peter
  4. +1 would be nice to have, also to have different arrangements for different tasks. Or just to simply transfer your arrangement to other workstations.
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