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  1. I'd closed the document on the Mac and then opened on the iPad. when you say the Home page on the iPad, you mean the Live Docs view? Yup. But aha, the iPad version breaks with the Save standard on IOS, doesn't it. You have to take extra steps to save a document. Doesn't really explain why it isn't a "frozen" version but just 1-2 Saves behind
  2. This is a followup to my earlier post about documents on Publisher 2 for iPad not being able to open Publisher 2 Mac documents. They can be opened; but for some reason they show a previous save point. That's the actual issue. I spent yesterday testing this. Both are on 2.0.4. The documents ARE on iCloud, which doesn't seem to be a problem for any other software. But also even though the document is downloaded locally (still in the iCloud folder) it doesn't seem to make a difference. No matter what I do, the iPad version is opening an older Save. See the example here: From Open Document on both, selecting the same doc on both: The IPad document is missing content. It's displaying content from a day ago. This is killing me. Makes the app unusable.
  3. Ipad Yeah, I've since re-done all the work and it's opening fine now. Deadlines yannno.
  4. Well, it can see them in the file selector, and there's a neat little icon preview. But when you open them, nada. I get the right number of pages but none of the content. Not images or text. In the example, choosing the Enhanced file. you can see the font rendering in the icon. But when the file opens it's just blank pages.
  5. The main source of information has been Apple “leaks” in their screenshots. Nothing official about a release date. I suggest more starching of the underwear. Prevents getting them in a twist.
  6. Yeah it’s telling you exactly what you’re getting. You’re getting the v2 codebase and feature set scaled for iPad. if they brought out all new apps for the other platforms at v2 and the iPad at v1 then I’d assume it was on the same codebase as publisher v1 You’ll notice that iPadOS debuted with a high version number than 1.0.
  7. We do have limits. The M1 series of hardware on iPad is the first with virtual memory so we do have hard limits before then. We do have real limits. Limits that might be tested by a monolithic app being loaded into memory. But more importantly, having everything in one monolithic app isn't necessarily a good thing. If I want to edit a photo I have to wait for the whole shebang to load. The whole app becomes harder to maintain and update. Worse - I don't like monolithic apps. I get frustrated on Mac Publisher because I have to remember to hit Save. Something that isn't needed on iPad apps on the whole. That also creates issues for version control and workflow. I'd like Publisher tomorrow so I don't have to cart as much hardware around. I'd like it to seamlessly open Mac-created documents and have access to my iCloud. I want good PDF export* options. That's all. *Crikey, I'd love some more PDF export options on Mac Publisher.
  8. I care less for Adobe Max Live. End of the month. I can live with that. That also said, not remotely compelled by the m2 iPad Pros. My M1 still exceeds my needs.
  9. No es verdad. Entiendo cómo funciona el desarrollo de software. nunca debes soltar hasta que esté bien cocido. Me encantaría ahora.
  10. This is killing me.....I'd so prefer not to have to literally lug my desktop computer onto a plane....(yes, yes, I should have bought a laptop but you know...hindsight)
  11. That is super pedantic but I’ll make sure I don’t make that mistake again.
  12. It's likely there may be software features needed which AP has been engineered to use. (Nothing to do with Stage Manager, but everything to do with virtual memory maybe). Otherwise why delay when I have £££ waiting 😀
  13. Half way through July so …. Halfway through summer. I have a project itching for my iPad - it’s my favourite design device.
  14. No, public Beta of IOS16 will enable a lot of M1 equipped kit with a vast amount more memory (through the new VM system).
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