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  1. Thank you for such a thorough testing! I've updated Heal demo, can you please check if it works now?
  2. Hmm, that's strange. I've updated Clean Backdrop plug-in demo a few hours before you posted the answer, so only you know if there's a possibility you tried an old version. Anyway you can try again now. Otherwise it seems strange, cause all recent plug-ins share same code base for interacting with the host. Anyway, I'll update other plug-ins soon and will post here.
  3. Hello! Not all plug-ins are updated yet, but at least Clean Backdrop should work. Can you try it? I currently have no Affinity Photo to test. Thank you in advance!
  4. Hello! We were able to make plug-ins work in Affinity Photo on windows, but on Mac we have black window instead of plug-in interface. The same plug-in work well in Photoshop on Mac. Is there any example of Mac Affinity Plug-in? Or anyone who can help to solve the problem? It gets stuck in [app runModalForWindow:_winId]; Window loop doesn't start and I can't understand what's going wrong =(
  5. Thank you! It seems we've found some workarounds to make Retouch4me plug-ins compatible with Affinity Photo, so hopefully there will be a new version of the plug-ins soon! But the problem is Affinity seem to not support plug-ins inside macros (or actions). It still won't be as comfortable to use as in photoshop. You'll have to manually duplicate the layer and then switch it to soft light mode. =( Or am I missing something?
  6. Thank you for your appreciation!! 😃 Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any library for writing layered PSD files, so it's impossible to create preprocessed files with retouching layers ready for manual editing without Photoshop (and hopefully Affinity in future). BTW, I was also contacting Affinity Team to make 3D LUT Creator integrate with Affinity a few years ago, but no luck. =(
  7. Funny thing that I found this thread while searching how to fix PS Plugin compatibility with Affinity. I'm the author of Retouch4me plug-in series. We've been checking how to fix that Affinity Photo doesn't support our plug-ins, and it seems that Affinity doesn't provide PS Channel Port Suite, which means we can't get any information about the document channels, bounding box etc. How are plug-ins supposed to work without this information? Is there any developer here who can help to solve this problem? Oleg.
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