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  1. rajanaveen

    TARGA file please?

    This is a utter disappointment for me. I bought all the releases on all platforms just to support you guys. The only reason im still attached to Photoshop is because of .tga and .raw support. Have you guys realized how important it is for digital artists to make a good looking foliage in games you love with no .tga files? ans we rely on .raw to create terrains you love playing on! .png is a joke for game development. .tga are crucial for shaders for transparency and cutouts. Please dont ignore us.
  2. From the day i heard about Affinity designer in 2015 i instantly became a huge fan of Affinity, A young company trying to break the shackles created by monopolistic Adobe. With Affinity Suite released on windows i finally gave up on adobe suite which i'm using for 6 Years and moved to Affinity as my daily pipeline & i'm proud of it. I wish & hope many just like me will follow the same path. With that in mind all i hope team at Affinity can create a official portfolio website (Just like behance for adobe) for its users to showcase their work. Its just a thought & I hope it will be a reality one day. I know there is a long way to go. Good luck. A very proud fan. :D