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  1. @MEB Part of what is so frustrating about this issue is the tone of the response users receive from the Moderators. Responses from the moderators seem to purposefully ignore what we are saying then treat us like we're just ignorant, with phrases like "just try it". Many, many contributors to this forum have taken the time to be very specific about why this issue is so important. Many users go out of their way to explicitly explain that they understand the current functionality to ward off the snide comments, but either get them anyway or are completely ignored. My last post received no response whatsoever from Affinity - and I was very polite. Your users are telling you that some of us want to see the objects that cross the boundary of the clipboard without it being clipped. There's nothing to argue about - we know we want it and we're asking for it. We don't care about objects that don't cross the boundary. It's completely irrelevant. Allowing your users to control the view functionality of the clipboard with a simple toggle feels like the teeniest, tiniest ask of all time. If you cannot provide a satisfying reason for why this small change can't be made you will continue to frustrate and lose users.
  2. Hi all, I am completely new to AD and coming from Illustrator and I am really struggling with this topic. It is an essential part of my AI workflow that I can put reference images in the margin of my workspace and design pieces of my image outside the artboard and then drag them into the artboard to compose them/generate different versions/etc. I understand that the artboard acts as its own layer in AD and as long as my other layers are not nested inside the artboard, I can see them past the edges of the board. However, every time I create a new element or copy an element (e.g. by holding down command and dragging) it doesn't paste it to the same layer as the item I am copying is in, it pastes it to the artboard. And it doesn't matter whether I lock the artboard and/or hide the artboard - the outcome is the same. This means every time I make a new element I have to drag it to the right layer in order to work with it. Is there a solution to this problem? It seems to me a lot of people are saying they rely on the same behavior from Illustrator that I do and I haven't really read a workable solution. To me, it seems like fixing this behavior would be a very close approximation of what a lot of people are looking for. My naive expectation going in is that if I have an objected selected and then I start making a new object (e.g. with the pen tool), then that new object should be created in the same layer as the object I had most reccently selected is located in, not the random artboard 5 layers down. What am I missing here? Thanks for any guidance
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