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  1. Yeah but sometimes it's difficult not to get lost if there's many similar layers. But thanks
  2. Thank you! Didn't have this idea but it didn't help much. Going through holding Alt helped me, but it's also good to think about this a little more than I'm used to. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I don't know whether I do something wrong. I really struggle when trying to select a stroke among other strokes as seen in the video. I already know that I have to click somewhere around the stroke to be able to hit the one I want but sometimes I can't do it this way and have to find it in the layer section, which is difficult when I have a lot of small strokes like this. I believe it's because I use the pressure controller so it seems like it thinks that the stroke is wider and sometimes they overlap then. It's really frustrating. I'd appreciate any help! Thank you! FormatFactory Záznam nahrávání20220529_230051.mp4
  4. Oooh great! It works! Such a relief! Thanks I already tried what you advice with the acceleration, but it didn't help. I have given it up but I'm going to try to investigate the problem again. Thank you!
  5. Hi! Thanks for your reply! Awesome I am using AD I use both mouse and graphic tablet, it happens with both devices. The language I have set on my PC is Czech. Ok, when it happens again, I'll try to remember what steps I made just before. Maybe I'll be screen recording while working and will wait for this to happen because otherwise I wouldn't be able to capture it. Here are some of my latest documents, the problem occured in both of them. koleje - kopie.afdesignThey're both combining bitmap and vector but it does happen also in only vector works. (I cannot upload the other one so you can download it here) I also have a huge problem with AD crashing when making short quick strokes on pressure controller. I often use handwriting which is exactly the thing where it crashes a lot. If I forget to save the work every couple of seconds, I loose it. As I write, the strokes kind of start to be delayed and distorted. When this happens, I restart the program and it's pretty good for a while. It's a different issue that I would like to address in a separate thread when I collect all the data you would need. But I just want to let you know about everything that occurs in AD when I work in case it could help. Although this doesn't seem to me as something related. I really love Affinity so if these bugs get fixed, it will be absolutely perfect
  6. Hi, it happens to me very often and sometimes it makes it completely impossible for me to work. When I want to set the stroke width to a certain size, it does this (see the video). If I want to set the width by typing the number and hit enter, it returns to the previous size where it's stuck. It happens randomly, I haven't noticed any specific procedure that causes it. Sometimes it helps if I go to custom brushes and select one here, then it recovers. I've been working around it like this for a long time, but nothing helps now. Restarting the program usually doesn't help, now even restarting the computer didn't help. I'm totally frustrated with this... I use Windows 10, the latest version of Affinity designer. It does happen in whatever documents I do. Thanks for your help FormatFactory Screen Record20220204_215839.mp4
  7. Also struggling with this a lot.... Also while exporting into SVG. I don't know if I can longer use Affinity for my professional work because of it
  8. Hey, I've been trying to export my work as EPS for two days in order to sell it on Shutterstock that keeps refusing it. I am frustrated... There have to be some issues in the export process. I've tried everything.
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