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  1. Thank you. I can confirm that this is fixed for me in 174.
  2. I've got this issue too. Some (but not all) images missing from exported PDF. In my case all the missing images had been cropped.
  3. Save seems to have been fixed but I just experienced another bug. While editing frame text, after each keystroke, the document area would appear corrupted for a moment. This happened a few times and then was replaced with a very low resolution rendering of my document. I had to quit and re-start the application to fix the issue.
  4. I can open the file, I just can't save it. I realise this is beta software but I would be massively grateful if you were able to release the fix for this soon!
  5. Thanks but 157 tells me it's expired
  6. I have an embedded Designer object in my document but not on the Master. As 145 has expired, please could I have access to 157 as now I cannot use Publisher at all.
  7. It's funny you mention cloud as I was saving to my Google Drive folder. However, I tried saving to the Desktop and it made no difference. I've rolled back to for the moment and haven't' had a problem. Nothing on my master page apart from page number and margins.

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