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  1. If I have to use brush, I better use inkscape power stroke. Do old fashion calligraphy. Like this
  2. Imagine using this drawing technique. But the initial design is not solid but in outline with different segment thickness.
  3. Then ask admin to change the title. No big deal what? Make the title 2 pages long.
  4. Affinity have the corner tool right? Combine it with corner tool, we should can get the smooth transition. What is wrong with this additional proposal?
  5. For details, refer the tutorial about make a calligraphy font bold here. Here I use Coreldraw, but still need to make the line segment by segment. It is great if there is a tool that automatically generate the smooth transition like I propose. https://www.designcontest.com/forum/tutorials/26210-corel-graphics-suite-coreldraw-corelphotopaint-tutorials.html/page-2
  6. It can be a very very useful tool..... Let say while the object is still in outline, if we make the corner rounded, the outline transition in thickness will automatically follow nicely. If we are creating a font family, we can automatically get the bold version by just shrinking the shape. https://photos.app.goo.gl/42paF8cXMSik577P6
  7. It should be an additional tool to set from this node to this node, you want this thickness. ...from that node to that node you can set it another line thickness. That is what I'm proposing here. I never find any app has this advantage. I'm not asking how to do that logo here....I'm giving an idea for Affinity designer developer for future development. That is my logo. I designed that logo a long way. Segment by segment where the lines intersecting each other at corners at first. For info, I'm Coreldraw, Affinity Designer, Inkscape and Adobe Illustrator user.
  8. Not sure how to explain this...Just read here. https://www.logoground.com/discuss.php?topic=5598#45509
  9. Hi Dan C, Sorry for the inconvenience. Feel free to delete the last post if you think it is not relevant to graphic industry. It is a reminder for a "cancer" in graphic design industry. I believe all Affinity Designer users are designers. Just be careful. Don't fall into trap of using a copyright materials that are claimed as royalty free etc. Believe me, you can get sued for that if you are bad luck enough.
  10. Why business owners and designers always being cheated by copycats? Why royalty free websites always being cheated by copycats?
  11. A STUPID MAN ONCE SAID: "Need a FREE LOGO or 5 to 50 dollar logo? It is likely that you'll be scammed by copycats out there!!" IMPORTANT TIPS WHEN BUYING A LOGO OR HIRING A DESIGN COMPANY OR HIRING INDIVIDUAL LOGO DESIGNER For your info, copycats is a normal problem in this logo designing world. So, date proof is important if you purchase a logo from someone especially if they sell logo at low price. Logo is a one time purchase and you will use it through the whole of your company life. That is why it is certainly not cheap. Just be careful. It is really easy to track down if someone is using a stolen logo in this modern world. For your info, not every designer is good at designing logo. Logo design is a different expertise. That is why many copycats out there.
  12. FREE Exceptional Amazing Fundamental or Basic of Logo Designing Tutorial Guide or Technique ebook PDF for beginners, university graphic course students or new designers, download it here: English Version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13jBHhjkDK4Wr4fzCACb-YzdIutIrOZOX/view?usp=sharing Malay Version: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17NFjfaiP87VTww9KZqZKNbOHyWl_ajCS/view?usp=sharing And here is my Affynity Designer V1 Basic Tutorial Playlist in Malay language. Some simple technique including this video which uses a series of circles and pen tool to create a bird logo in Affinity Designer, quite similar as Virtual Segment Delete in Coreldraw. This video is in Malay Language. Note: If your shape contains a straight line, make it an L shape.
  13. My workaround. If your shape contains a straight line, make it an L shape.
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