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  1. I do like the videos for they do allow us to see how some tools work. Others I have viewed and can see no difference which I have to put down the fact my eyesight and colour sensitivity is not as acute as tutors doing the presentation. I want to learn the basics beyond that first video. For us who are LEARNERS we need an Idiots guide to Affinity. That simplistic because not everyone has used photoshop or paintshop or Corel editing software. I got Affinity for I watched the videos and thought it looked easy to do but then when I went to try myself NOTHING. I have now gone back numerous times to the videos to familiarise myself with terminology/language and yesterday sat and watched beginner video and paused at each step to try it out and succeeded in each of the tasks shown. Finally I can use Affinity but there is so much more I want to know and learn but at present many videos are not loading. Telstra here is on and off the air but it is also Affinity site for I have checked other sites and they do load. So perhaps someone might like to write an Idiot's guide to Affinity that can be print/digital format. That is what folk at very basic level want. That alongside the videos would be ideal. I will continue to dabble and learn as best I can. If I found an Idiots guide to photoshop would that teach me affinity basics too? I mean tutor on videos does mention that layout and many tools are the same so I figure the basics may same for both programs.
  2. Okay found what was wrong. Simple as I knew it would be. I had to close program then reopen and when I selected same photo to try again I noticed no layers at all on right side panel. I clicked on tool and there it was bright as on all the videos and it worked just like in videos. So might be useful if others found like me they couldn't get red colour that they need to close the photo then reopen it or close program and restart to fix the bug responsible for tool not working. I need to return to beginners video now to see if I missed that on the screen after new photo selected. Thanks for your support even if it was over the top of my head.
  3. Sorry makes no sense to me. I finally found correct inpatient brush tool hidden under healing brush on my Affinity left toolbar. But no matter which video I look at nobody mentions pixelate they are usually in Photo standard editing persona with only layer I can see being adjustment layer. So I am wondering if program is different according to versions and if moderator here has a better one or different version to what I have. No videos I have watched thus far mention having to switch to pixelate they all just click on tool icon, swipe over what they want to hide and release their mouse or touchpad and bingo it works. I am trying to learn the very basics which I knew would be slow but you need to make your answers easier to follow. I looked for layer I am in and it is adjustment layer as far as I can tell [right side bar has that name in brackets/parenthesis] but buggered if I can find your pixelate stuff or how to change settings as you mention. I am writing to Affinity via Email in hopes I find my answer so I can then continue on with rest of first video for beginners. I am grateful someone is trying to help us L plate Affinity drivers but just like driving a car we have to be shown step by step for we cannot read minds to suck out the information from experts heads. Even if we could I doubt we could follow how they have it worded and stored anyway, lol.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to give this link. I will take a look. I think doing so may give me a better idea of what the program is all about for learning photography terms and editing tools will allow me to feel more familiar with terminology and how one tool is linked to another etc. Thanks.
  5. Need to know which video to watch to show me how to do one photo over top of another. e.g. I take photo of cemetery and graves and when a client wants a photo of the grave I do overlay showing cemetery wide shot with a small photo of the actual plaque or grave inset with pointer connecting grave marker to actual location on cemetery photo. I also add text giving Cemetery name, and detailed Section, row and plot number. Initially I had to use two programs to do it then just one but now I am using Mac as main machine I am having to relearn this simple trick. Mac photos I abandoned when it sucked in my photos from old Windows machine and sorted them by date not as I had them in more relevant file folders. I have discovered since installing Picasa for Mac it does the same but also shows my folders. So any guidance would be appreciated. I viewed a lot of videos before getting the Affinity photo program but now I am lost. Plenty of instruction how to cut out of same photo, modify one photo but not how to combine two photos and asking the question requires me to know how the IT people would ask it to get the answer I need. Not their fault but I am sick of wading through pages of video titles and being non the wiser as to which video tutorial I need. I appreciate any guidance. If this is in wrong category please tell me what is correct one so I might learn some answers.
  6. probably too late but can you right click and select on your photo file name and select from drop down menu : open with and then select Affinity? If you view your files through finder you might be able to do this.
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