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  1. I may be one of the the last to update a software.. yet, I watched the tutorial on haze removal before updating, before I updated. And I can not seen to find the "Haze Removal" under the filter tab. Geez, (Silly me) I apologize. I'm uploading to Aperture on my Mac Book Pro (giggles, a lot of pro and needed more book!).
  2. Thank you very much! You guys are awesome with support and this software is amazing! I'm so glad i didn't cave and download adobe ps onto my mac!
  3. I have a quick question.. after you have pasted your selection to the new image how do you blend the two so it doesn't look so choppy?
  4. I am trying to open images from Aperture to Affinity Photo using the edit in external editor feature. But it's not enabled, am I doing something wrong?
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