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  1. Alfred how do i set blend mode to multiply ? I have grouped all items I can’t find it in layers please see attached
  2. Hi DMI I tried edit select all and then subtract but ended up as attached pics, didn’t work for me
  3. Hi if I have a transparent base layer and then added a black layer with white stars layer and text layer, I now want to make the stars and text layer clear so they show as the transparent base, how do i achieve this please as in photoshop elements I used to have a magic eraser tool that I could achieve this easily, How can I do this in Affinity designer please.
  4. Please add the Sony 7Riii raw file support in Affinity photo , also for the 24-105 G lens many thanks
  5. Fellow MAC USERS : ISSUES DOWNLOADING AFFINITY FREE ITEMS Hi I was having the same issues , now resolved. Try this:- 1) Update your Affinity Photo and or Affinity designer in the Apple App store 2) Check the issue by opening them up, if you don’t have the start up screen then:- 3) Scroll along the top bar to HELP and then welcome, tick show on start up. 4) The welcome screen scrolls to free content download click clain now. 5) Serif opens up , fill in the details … <mod edit> choose "New to Affinity" and any email address & password you wish. </mod edit> 6) You should receive an email from Affinity store with the download links in. DON’T down load them from here. 7) Make sure the Firewall allows the Affinity Apps to go through ( System preferences, security, firewall) 8) DOWNLOAD Firefox web browser ( I could not download free items from Safari) 9) Search for AFFINITY STORE, open an account or log in with your email address from ( Apple app Store – the one you used from the store to download AFFINITY APPS. 10) When you are signed in Click on your name at the top right, go to Downloads and product keys and down loads should be there. This worked for me Good luck
  6. HI All , Can you help please, Updated both my Designer and Photo on my IMAC running latest iOS, went to get the free add ons, created affinity account and went to download, I received 2 e mails one for designer and one for photo with a sample download screen as attached. pressed the download button, a black full screen appears with PLUG-IN-FAILURE can anyone assist please as it happens with every download button. Many Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks for that , could do with option to make icon or tool bar bigger in future for the OAP's
  8. Hi being new to photo editing.. and slightly on the mature side of life ...the screen icons, brushes and labels are hard to see on the screen due to their size, can these be adjusted at all so using this software becomes more of a joy. Many thanks in advance B) :blink: :)
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