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  1. Pleased to try AfPub but I will need access to many QX documents. Is this possible? Or is it being planned? Also, will AfPub export to an InDesign-readable format soon?
  2. Starcruiser

    Random bug in resize

    Yes, that works. I've done it a few times at various dpi. X-fingers that resolves the issue for now. Thanks.
  3. Starcruiser

    Random bug in resize

    When changing dpi from 72 > 300, it seems to work in Affinity Photo, sometimes not. To be certain, I've had to do this resize 72-300 dpi in Pixelmator as a jpg, then import to Affinity Photo as a 300 dpi for export again as a tiff.
  4. Starcruiser

    Some usability requests

    Eye dropper please.
  5. A truly odd omission from Affinity Photo. The eye dropper is a must-have - at present, I'm going back to Pixelmator and Photoshop. Otherwise I'm starting to like AP, and look forward to more tweaks, especially this one.