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  1. Dear @NathanC, thank you very much for your help. Thank you for verifying that the problem is page dimensions on page 5. I'm aware that adobe acrobat (even though it is a great pdf reader) has strict limitations regarding page dimensions. Luckily there are a bunch of other types of software that are more suitable for me and for those who will use my work. For example I use pdf expert (readdle) which - supports extremely well documents with huge pages - supports comments, hyperlinks, sketches, bookmarks, etc - works perfectly in combination with affinity and apple ecosystem. I have purchased affinity publisher (Mac), photo (Mac + iPad) and designer (Mac + iPad) + pdf expert (Mac + iPad + iPhone). With a really honest expense, I experience a wonderful and powerful multi-platform workflow, with the ability to create, modify and view documents with such huge pages. Acrobat suite would cost more (much more!) and its pdf viewer (including the expansive pro version) wouldn't be able to open my document. Furthermore my workflow will be even more awesome with affinity publisher for iPad (I'm really glad that affinity publisher for iPad is almost here). This means a lot for me: for example it would let me open my huge document, make some last minute changes, export my document, use it in pdf expert (streaming it, projecting it, etc), indifferently using either my iPad Pro (for example when travelling) or my Mac (when I'm at home) - to those who need to view my document I also recommend chrome browser: it can open pdf files and its pdf viewer is pretty powerful and speedy, and can easily open a huge document (I've already tried to open my full affinity publisher document, exported to pdf digital high quality with hyperlinks, and chrome works pretty well with my document and its hyperlinks (I've made a screenshot as you can see) Thank you very much for your suggestion. I'll keep in mind that exporting with a lower DPI is a way to reduce page height in terms of pixels. I confirm that my file is only for digital purpose (the purpose of such huge pages is to substitute a "page layout" - with its traditional black and white, identical, pages - with a visualisation and memorisation of whole and complex procedures, taking advantage of mind mapping and visual memory). Thank you very much for trying to identify the problem with my table of contents. Maybe I made some mistakes designing title 1/2/3 (I don't have any education in design and publishing; what I know is self-tough and I work in a different field, where all the publications are those classical black and white huge manuals with hundreds of identical pages. So, it's undeniable that my documents are not so perfect and well-finished, and it's undeniable that I have made multiple mistakes and errors. But I don't give up, since I really think that affinity publisher has unblocked for me so many possibilities and powerful solutions. Now word, pages, office seem so limited to me.. I hope I'll keep on improving with affinity publisher). Thank you very much for your patience and help. Best regards Andrea
  2. Dear @NathanC, I've just sent you another version of my file. After multiple attempts, I think I've figured out what was the problem: - in the first file I sent to you, apparently page 5 has dimensions so big that doesn't support hyperlinks in such a huge canvas (so Mr @walt.farrell was right when told me the problem is page 5 and helped me to focalise my efforts to the right page) - in the second file, redesigning page 5, I've reduced the dimensions of the canvas (page 5 remains very big, 6.000mm x 10.000mm, vertical, but smaller than the previous version) , and now I managed to export the document to pdf including hyperlinks. Since I'm designing a document with very huge pages (it's meant for digital consultation, digital dashboards, lessons, etc, not for printing), I would really appreciate if you can have a look at the two documents: - can you please let me know if the problem was the dimension of page 5, as I suspect? (I cannot export the fist document I sent you to pdf with hyperlinks, and I managed to export the second document I sent you to pdf with hyperlinks. In the second document I modified page 5, as you can see) - since I need huge pages, what is the maximum dimension of the page that support hyperlinks in terms of mm X mm (vertical / horizontal)? This piece of information will help me very much while designing my pages with that limits in mind - seems that in my two document there's a persistent error in the table of contents that I can't find out and correct. What could it be? Thank you very much, I really appreciate your help. Andrea
  3. Dear @NathanC, after reviewing all my anchors and hyperlinks in these two days, I made other attempts to export my afpub file to pdf with hyperlinks. Unfortunately there's always the same error.. I've reviewed the position of all the anchors and all seem to be into the canvas, not outside the page.. I don't know what else to try 😢, so I've sent you my file through the dropbox link you sent me yesterday. Thank you very much for your kind and precious help and support. Andrea
  4. Dear @NathanC, thank you very much for your kind answer. Following the suggestion of another user I'm reviewing all the hyperlinks in the document, in order to exclude all the objects from anchors and hyperlinks, so that anchors and hyperlinks will be only plain text (maybe this won't solve my problem, but I think it's something that maybe could help and that will improve and simplify the structure of my document and will minimise errors in the future). I've also cancelled those previous little pngs (a little chain) that I used to put in any hyperlink and I'm replacing them with a simple form (two intersected ellipses coloured with grey gradient made directly in affinity publisher and designer and imported in document assets) in order to simplify my document. I've worked the whole morning on the document and I think I will end these simplifications this afternoon or tomorrow morning. If It sounds good to you, I'll end this review and then, as soon as I finish (this afternoon / evening or, at most, tomorrow morning), I'll send you the document through the dropbox link you've just sent me, so that you can see a document with a cleaner structure and (hopefully) this will make your support easier (I'm trying to actively collaborate in the solution of the problem). Thank you very much, I really appreciate your help, and I'll write another post in this thread as soon as I send you the document. Andrea –––––––––––––– Dear @walt.farrell, thank you very much for your precious answer and your kind explanations regarding those pdf logs. I'll try to understand those pdf logs, following your suggestions. According to you page 5 seems to be the lupus in fabula 🐺.. It doesn't surprises me at all, since it's the largest page and I'm currently working on it (so I'm doing lots of changes, moving boxes, adding links, changing canvas dimensions, etc). I'll try to find out that link that you indicated checking all the anchors and hyperlinks in that page. Furthermore, following your suggestions, I'm reviewing all my hyperlinks and anchors, removing all the icons and pngs, in order to simplify the structure of my document and in an attempt to minimise errors due to anchors and hyperlinks containing object. As you can see in the attached screenshot, I'm positioning all the objects near the anchors and hyperlinks, but not included in them. Thank you very much. I really appreciate your help and suggestions. Andrea
  5. Dear Walt, thank you very much for your answer. My hyperlinks are - mostly text (about 90% of them) - a few of them to web pages (about the remaining 10%). Let me be more precise: in my document hyperlinks are designed in order to allow rapid navigation (back and forth) through different arguments and references, so every hyperlink has the following structure: - I've created two anchors: for example, the first anchor is located in page x and is named 1a, while the second anchor is located in page y and is named 1b; - then in page x I've created an hyperlink from 1a to 1b, and in page y I've created a "gemini" hyperlink from 1b to 1a. In the attached screenshot you can see and example of the structure of anchors and hyperlinks in my document. Even though all my hyperlinks are text hyperlinks (and a few web hyperlinks), every text hyperlink is followed by a tiny png-icon (a little chain) incorporated in the text. I've just realised that almost always I've incorporated that little png in anchors and hyperlinks, as you can see in the attached screenshot. If that tiny png had messed up all my hyperlinks, I could exclude it from hyperlinks and anchors. What do you think? (It will be a pretty huge work, since I will have to edit all 400+ anchors and hyperlinks, but if it solves my problem, I will definitely do that. I think I could dedicate one or two hours per day to this work, so that in a few days I think I could write here if that will have solved my problem). In the meanwhile I've activated pdf logs and you can see those logs in the attached file (It's a pretty huge file! I've tried to open it with a text editor, but I don't understand anything about it, so I need some help to figure out what's the problem in those logs). Please, let me know if excluding that little png from anchors and hyperlinks could solve the problem (if that's a probability, I'll start working on that, and I'll write back as soon as I will have edited all anchors and hyperlinks) Thank you very much for your precious help 🙏 Best regards Andrea PDFLib.log
  6. Dear Serif, My name in Andrea and I'm an Italian postgraduate in law. I have a huge problem when trying to export the affinity publisher file I'm working on, so that I kindly ask for your help. Hardware and software Preliminary information about the hardware and software I'm using: - macOS Monterey 12.3.1 - MacBook Pro 13", 2017, Touch Bar, intel Core i7, 16GB 2133 2133 MHz LPDDR3, 2TB, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 1536 MB - Affinity Publisher 1.10.5 (I've bought affinity publisher, designer, and photo) - Affinity publisher settings -> see the attached image Affinity publisher document affected by the problem I'm working on an affinity publisher document, about 47MB, made up of 37 pages. Almost all the document is made up of text, schematizations and mind maps. Some pages are very big in term of absolute dimensions of the canvas (even though the pages are not so big in terms of MB; as I've just said the whole document is about 47mb). The document is not meant for printing but for digital consultation, lessons and webinars, virtual dashboards, etc. If somebody from affinity can help me, I can send him privately the document (I don't want to share the document here publicly, since I have been working on it since almost a year, is stilla work in progress that needs a few more months of work, and it will be a protected document and an important work tool in my field. It's my biggest work up to now). What's the problem When I try to export the document in pdf, it appears me a generic error that tells me that the exportation was unsuccessful (and the pop-up doesn't tell me what's the problem). To be more precise I made various attempts, selecting, in the export settings, different pdf formats: - PDF (digital - small size) -> unsuccessful - PDF (digital - high quality) -> unsuccessful - PDF (for export) -> unsuccessful - PDF (for flatten) -> unsuccessful - PDF/X-4 -> successful When I successfully exported my file to pdf/X-4 I felt really relieved (since before I was a bit panicking). But.. as soon as I opened the exported pdf I saw that the exported pdf doesn't include bookmarks and hyperlinks (and then I started panicking again, since my affinity publisher files contains more that 400 hyperlinks, so that hyperlinks are a huge part of my work, and I cannot do without them). So, aware that the problem might be bookmarks and hyperlinks, I tried to export my file in PDF (digital - high quality), deselecting hyperlinks and bookmarks in export settings, and I managed to export my file successfully (but without hyperlinks and bookmarks) Verified that the problem are hyperlinks and bookmarks, unfortunately I really can't do without the more than 400 hyperlinks I made, since those hyperlinks are an essential feature of my document. I've checked for errors before exporting the file, but there are no errors related to hyperlinks, as you can see in the attached file (the only red flag in the screenshot below is the first line that tells me to refresh the table of contents.. and so I've refreshed it before exporting). I'm stuck and I don't know what to do. By the way, if advanced support requires me to pay something, I would totally pay for it. I just want to solve a situation that scares me (it would be impossibile for me, every single time I export a new version of my work - which will occur pretty frequently in the future, since laws and judgments are continuously evolving - having to export my file without hyperlinks and having to insert manually those hyperlinks with some sort of pdf viewer. If would require me hours and hours of work every time I need to publish an updated version of my file..) Thank you very much Andrea
  7. Affinity on iPad is a huge and awesome thing. I don't think I would have bought an iPad 12.9 2021 if there weren't designer, photo and (hope soon) publisher. The software that really changes everything for me is publisher, so I made an act of faith, buying an iPad Pro M1 hoping for the release of Affinity Publisher for iPad.. I'm going to follow this topic
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