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  1. Just thought it would be useful to have guide groups. These could be a type of layer or view, so that when you're working on a large file (like the interface for a website) that has multiple views, you only have the guides relevant to the view you're working on open. Then, you could also hide some guides and show some, without having to hide all guides.
  2. MEB, Thank you. When do you think this issue is going to get fixed? - Megan
  3. Affinity Photo freezes on launch. Doesn't matter if I open it with a file or not. It launches, the window opens with greyed buttons, the upper left hand view controls and window resizing doesn't work (although the window can be moved), and a white box with nothing in it pops up. It was working before and just stopped. This needs to be urgently fixed as I need this software for work. It's already given me a delay in a project. 2013 Retina MBP El Capitan Developers Beta 10.11 (15A235d) Already did disk first aid, uninstalled and reinstalled, and restarted the computer a couple times as well as updated everything on the computer.
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