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  1. @Gabe Strangely, rebooting my iPad did help to an extent that the issue happens now in 10-20% cases as opposed to previous 60-70%. And also, even if it does happen, reopening the same image fixes the issue now. Thanks.
  2. @Gabe Raw processing got actually worse. While Serif labs raw engine still doesn’t work at all, Apple engine produces some weird artifacts in most of my raw images. The issue always appears in the lower left corner and stays even after processing the image. These artifacts are very random in size, changing each time even when I open the same image. Occasionally I manage to open an image without this issue. I posted 2 examples of 1 raw file with 2 different results. I have never experienced this issue before or it could be that I rarely process raw images in Affinity (the default image corrections are lacking when using Apple engine) so maybe I just didn’t have a chance to notice it earlier. BTW. You can also see the dull and dark colors and other issues which are rendered by the Apple engine. When I open this image in Files or a different raw processing software the picture looks completely different and is ready without my adjustments. I have the new iPad Pro M1 12.9. I use Affinity ver. Raw images are NEF from Nikon D800.
  3. Hi, I just started working with AP on the new iPad Pro 12.9 2021. When processing raw files in develop persona the lens menu seems to be incomplete. Either it’s a bug or I’m totally failing to find the way to expand it. I even tried to connect a mouse to scroll it down, but it didn’t work. The issue is more visible on the vertical position of the screenshot below where the menu abruptly ends. Appreciate your help Edit: just noticed I posted this issue on the Affinity Designer forum as opposed to AP. Can a moderator move this post to the right forum? Thank you thank you
  4. Hi @Gnobelix Does the iPad version of AP have a similar tool to improve the default corrections of raw files? I moved from macOS to iPad and can’t use Nikon NX-D for NEF files anymore. I noticed that Serif labs raw engine doesn’t work on iPad (if I change to serif engine, raw files are opened without any data), so not sure how to avoid wasting time on basic corrections for each single file to get better results (eg. colors, shadows, highlights).
  5. Hi @Gabe I'm having the same issue on iPad Pro 2021 when trying to open NEFs using Serif labs engine. Do you know when this can be fixed? I was hoping this engine could give better default results (base level corrections) for raw files. The defaults that I get from apple engine aren’t great when comparing eg to those from Nikon NX-D (on MacOS). Unfortunately there is no Nikon editing software for iPad so I have to rely solely on Affinity but that means much more work/corrections to achieve the final results.
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