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  1. Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time to answer, and happy to see that this is taken into consideration. I will invest some time to learn Affinity and support your efforts. I still believe that you guys should find interaction paradigms that would just work fine. I already found an answer to the questions above myself but I just don't think the way it works is intuitive the way it is now (point 1 to 3 and point 5 in particular).
  2. Thanks for your answer, appreciated. I did find the solution in the end but I think the way it works is very unintuitive. Different interaction paradigm based on which tool is selected? That doesn't make sense to me. This was just one of the problems that I encountered. On one hand I am enthusiast about Affinity products, on the other hand I am struggling to understand how the interface works, each time I put my hands on it. In my post above, I elicited six problems that I encountered, and that was in less than 1 hour spent on Affinity photo/Designer. I'd like to know if this is going to chang
  3. I think that Affinity photo/designer are both great products, although there's many instances where the interaction is far from optimal. I don't use the product so often but every time that I try to do something, it either takes me a long time to get familiar with the tools, or I just can't get what I want easily. The last examples: 1) if I select a vectorial element I can see the "curve" section in the main toolbar (top left), and edit the stroke properties. If I select two vectorial elements instead of just one, that toolbar disappears. Why is that? How do I edit stroke properties globally
  4. Thank you guys, I appreciate your efforts. It looks like this feature is not there yet, I am a bit surprised as it seems such a basic feature to me... Anyone from the Affinity Team is looking at this thread and can let us know if there's a timeline to get this implemented? To be honest I wouldn't mind to pay a bit more in order to get the support I need, instead of looking through dozens of open questions on the forum...
  5. After working on a document with lots of layers for a while, I found out that there's no way to change the background colour of the document from white to transparent, or at least, not an easy and intuitive way... someone in the forum mentioned the menu File > Document Setup but I can't find it under the File menu. I need to set a transparent background in order to export a PNG with transparency. Creating a new document with transparent background doesn't seem to help unless you are willing to loose all your layers and flatten them all into a single layer. Far from ideal! I am surp
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