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  1. YES YES YES!!! It's already in the Crop tool! Add it to the selection tool! Because of this and a few other no-brainer omissions, I must keep PShop elements on my Mac so I can quickly do what I want.
  2. Thanks, but you are showing the crop tool. I am talking about the rectangle select/marquee tool, such as the attached in PSh.
  3. I've been reading through various posts about fixed dimension cropping and selecting, only to get even more confused. Is there a simple way to choose fixed dimensions such as 16:9 for the rectangle selection tool as there is with the cropping tool? Thanks
  4. Thanks, I had done that and iCloud Drive was not in the drop-down, the only option was On My iPad. However I finally connected after renaming files. I have no idea if that did anything or if it was coincidence, but iCloud showed up everywhere once I stopped trying to Save A Copy with the same filename.
  5. Hi, I am trying to save Designer files to iCloud to access from Mac. Both devices on same Wifi, I have Designer checked as using iCloud in iPad preferences. Latest software updates on both. Problems: 1) In AD for iPad Preferences there is no option to save other than "on iPad" 2) If I try Save a Copy, the option to save to iCloud shows but is grayed out. 3) If I try to connect by load a file from iCloud to iPad, I get "iCloud is loading" screen but it never connects. iPad is communicating fine with internet and all other iCloud saving programs. Is there a setting I am missing? Thanks
  6. Hi Walt, I can see how that is confusing, disregard the blue sample. See attached. This is what I have to do with the stroke width to get it to print (or export to pdf) at the width of the previous green sample. Basically I have to make it about 50% thicker and it doesn't look good on screen. So to get an 8 pt stroke to print at 8 pts I have to set it to 12 pt. If I was only printing at home I could live with it but I'll be sending stuff to commercial printers and this makes me think I have no control over width accuracy. I have played with "Scale With Object" vs manual changing after resizing, etc.
  7. My stroke widths on screen don't match print or pdf output. The output prints/exports too thin. See attached sample squiggly tree. Left is how output, right is how thickness looked on screen.
  8. I have now made sure "Create Artboard" is checked on making a new doc which handles your request. The only benefit I can see from beginning without one is that I have accidentally moved an artboard in selecting items so must remember to lock it down.
  9. I purchased through the affinity site not mac app store. Bought all three, they do not show as purchased on AppStore. Just got a new iMac. How do I install my Affinity programs on it?
  10. OK thanks, I was looking for something like "remove" in a menu. (Like where the 'paste inside' resides.) Got it.
  11. How do I remove something I have pasted inside a shape in Designer?
  12. Many thanks Dominik, That was the post I was referring to but I didn't realize it was 21 pages long! I only scrolled to the bottom of the first page and thought it hadn't been addressed for years. My mistake, thanks again, DR
  13. I found a similar post but it's five years old so am just refreshing. Freehand and Illustrator's ability to select all items that share an attribute is probably the most glaring omission in Designer. As an example of how valuable this is, let's say you have a hundred items/layers with 1pt stroke and you want to increase the stroke point size on all of them. Selecting by point size would be far preferable to one at a time. Thanks, otherwise excellent products across the board! Douglas
  14. Owenr that comment was only referring to your keyboards having Backspace and mine having Delete, you're in UK I'm in US solves that mystery. You are correct, the issue is still the same and should be fixed. Did you see MEB's request? I don't have that keyboard, it's one of yours.
  15. Owenr, that may be the keyboard issue, in the US we've had delete only for many years. Where in UK? My daughter is about to move to Cheltenham.
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