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  1. Yeah, I love Affinity but this bug drives me INSANE and it's the only reason I keep the dreaded P-shop on my machine. The way shift-click currently operates in Affinity makes no sense at all. Each shift-click of the brush should ONLY paint a straight line from the last clicked place—there's no reason it should somehow recall 50 clicks ago when you last shift-clicked... which, incidentally, you had to do and then undo because the first time you tried shift-clicking it jumped from some random location, thereby making a line you didn't want. This can't possibly be harder to code properly (i.e. shift-click only remembers the last click) than the way they've coded it... I thought this would get fixed early on but it's somehow still the case, which leads me to believe it was designed this way on purpose. If anyone can explain the logic to me, I'd love to hear it. Voila_Capture 2018-09-01_11-36-18_AM2.mov
  2. I've had this problem, too. I love Affinity Photo, but have had to keep another image editor as my primary editor simply because I use workflow software (formerly Aperture, currently C1P). If Affinity's default for "Save" were to save the file back to its original location and in its original format (.tif) as opposed to automatically converting it to an Affinity file, that should, I would think, solve the problem. Seems simple enough, but then I'm not a coder.

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