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  1. Hi! It's been more than one and half years since Lupurus's original post - and this has still not been fixed. I'm using Publisher 1.10.5 on Mac OS Monterey (12.6). As seen in the attached screenshots, I'm exporting a single object - a black box - which is exactly 100 x 100 mm. The document is exactly 100 x 100 mm at 300 dpi, no bleed. Using one of Publisher's default export settings - PDF (for print) - the resulting PDF (300 dpi) is exactly 100 x 100 mm but the black box isn't- it has shrunk by one pixel to the right and at the bottom respectively. If I mount the PDF in a new 100 x 100 mm document, the box keeps shrinking - so know my original box is missing 2 pixels to the right and at the bottom. I'm attaching a screenshot of the fourth generation of the box and it's pretty clear what's happening. If I would repeat this scheme a couple of hundred times or so the box will have disappeared. I have also tested rasterizing the PDF in Affinity Photo where 100 x 100 mm (300 dpi) equals 1182 x 1182 px. If I crop off the empty right and bottom edges the remaining black area will only measure 1181 x 1181 px. Case proved that one pixel to the right and at the bottom were not being included in the PDF. This might seem like a neglectable error but, as pointed out by other posters, can (most probably will) cause complaints from serious printers where this will give preflight warnings etc. It's also highly annoying when mounting the PDF as a PDF passthrough. THIS IS A BUG AND IT NEEDS TO BE FIXED!
  2. Many thanks loukash for USEFUL tips! I didn't know about the editable paths. Will take a look at that. I always save my linked images at 300 dpi, so setting the export resolution to 1.200 dpi would indeed be enough for the bmp (and hopefully not upsampling the tiffs!?). But somebody mentioned earlier that Publisher doesn't keep the transparency in bmp files. Or did I misunderstand that?
  3. Also, I have used that particular logo more than 1.000 times. ONE BMP file = 106 Kb instead of hundreds of eps files in various colours.
  4. Not using a certain technique - or not knowing how - doesn't make that technique obsolete. We also used tiffs in PageMaker... Yes, logos too. Yeah, delightful nostalgia! Great topic for the retirement home, but not useful (to me) here. But thanks for sharing! That's the definitive show-stopper for me; I use PDF Passthrough all the time in InDesign. Will unfortunately return to InDesign and maybe have another go with Publisher in a year or so. Attaching a design entirely based on 1-bit tiffs. No way I would have prefered to save that illustration and the logo in endless colour-variations to test which one I would choose. In InDesign I changed the colours of both with a simple click.
  5. Going back to the original topic of this thread... I've just started with Publisher 1.9 after 20 years of InDesign, and this is a MAJOR disappointment. 1-bit tiff (bmp) is an extremely useful format for logos, autographs, drawings etc. that need to be colour-adjusted according to other design elements. If I change the text colour I don't want to open - say a logo - re-colour it in another program, save it as a new file, and re-link it. It's a ridiculous waste of time. PLEASE ADD SUPPORT FOR 1-BIT TIFFS (with transparency and independent resolution)!!
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