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  1. If you have specific repro steps or trouble files for the sort of performance issues you were having on 1.9.0, I'd love to see them for testing purposes. These will also be made available to the folks at AMD for testing this issue as well. There was another user in the 1.9.1 release notes who mentioned problems in the develop persona, which we've now verified, and more steps will help us out a lot. Bonus points for the steps being simple and easy to replicate 😛
  2. Hey to the folks in the thread here as well: just so you're all aware I've passed this thread on to my contacts within AMD, so people will be aware of this issue relatively quickly, hopefully. Thanks for your keen eyes on this issue, and thank you to the Serif team for providing some temporary relief. I hope we'll be able to resolve this issue soon!
  3. @Patrick Connor Thanks very much! I've gone ahead and passed this and the other thread along to my contacts within AMD. 😄
  4. Could someone inform me what sort of issues people were seeing on Navi series AMD cards that caused HW accel to have to be disabled for the moment? I filed an issue with them regarding Designer a while back regarding layers retaining their "recently deselected" pink outline rather than them fading out, but curious what other issues exist on the series with the Affinity Suite at the moment.
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