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  1. Hello, I think that solution is not a solution you are looking for. Can you find connection with this thread? This might help you.
  2. Hello, I've just finished watching all interesting tutorials from affinity (to me) and I very like the 32 bit editing. And I am wondering what is the drawback while using the 32 bit? The export says the same file size with 16 a 32, but a user gets much better file to work with. The biggest advantage I see in keeping the colour/grade information even after over/underexposing the file in develop person (using layers keep it in both - PS don't) and then, you can modify the exposure again with no pixcel losage. Also, would it be posible to make develop persone work in two settings.
  3. OK, I followed this: https://support.captureone.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360013132497-CO-20-Windows-explorer-integration And it seems to have worked. I did ''You need to rename the file in the path 😄 \ Program Files \ Capture One \ Capture One 20 \ WIC \ WIC64P1.WIC.NativeComWrapper.dll to the name P1.WIC.NativeComWrapper.old'' Working both on 1.8.5 and 1.9.1. Thank you for help.
  4. Here it is. I am using the trial version so after it expires I will try it without it. I've just tried the version 1.9.1 and 1.8.5 - same behavour. The 1.9.1 remembered my layout but 1.8.5. didn't. How do I purge the leftover files to do a clean instal? WIC64.rar
  5. Also, I tried the newest beta with no luck d29e57fe-5f23-4de6-a213-9314d18d78f3.dmp
  6. OK, I tried clean uninstall and installed Nvidia studio driver (latest version), which should be better for those applications. Unfortunatelly, it still crashes.
  7. Is this the right place to solve my issue? Please, help me somebody.
  8. Sorry, I am not sure what to do with the info you provided. My driver version is 461.40. (the latest).
  9. Hello, Please, can you help me with my crashing (attached file includes standard and beta and jpeg of openCL)? This only happens using my GPU render see my topic below. Sorry, if I duplicated this title. crash report.rar
  10. Attached is the last crash report (standard and beta and screenshot of GPU caps) where I excluded AP from riva statistics and even closed the progam - still the same. I run the demos in GPU caps and no errors occoured, I am not sure what to look for there. crash report.rar
  11. Hello, I am having an issue with affinity photo crashing (the application just closes without any warning and leaves no error message). it is the version and also I tred to use the new beta (https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/135203-affinity-photo-windows-customer-beta-191963/). It crashes while performing actions (not always, but very often 3 times in a minute) such as loading files, selecting mask, panning a photo I would say at any action. I am using windows 10, GPU GTX1080, CPU i7-4770k. Also the GPU has the latest drivers (before I didn't, yet the issue is st
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