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  1. Hello Gabe Thanks for taking a little time to answer me. The answer, however, leave me rather unsatisfied. First of all, nothing has changed with the latest versions. The problem is not specific to a particular module, neither stable nor beta. The 3 Affinity modules feature pdf support, with no apparent restriction. I do not have the Illustrator / InDesign “reference softwares” but: - Since the "little" Photoshop Elements (version 11 or 2020) opens it correctly, it seems to me that Affinity Photo should be able to open it correctly. - Since Inkscape opens it correctly, Affinity Designer should be able to open it correctly. - Likewise, since Scribus opens it correctly too, Affinity Publisher should be able to too. If I start to think to myself that in a PDF that I open, some elements may not appear, it bothers me, I don't care if tenors don’t do better. The problem is not reduced to the red square. Ditto with a barcode also created with PDF-XChange PRO 9. I add that when I open my file in Inkscape and copy the offending elements there, I can paste them onto the blank Affinity pages without any problem. That said, that doesn't take away from the tremendous work of the developers. Red square + Barcode.pdf
  2. Hello Thank you first for all the work done on the different modules. However, I have a problem importing PDFs. In PDF-XChange PRO 9, I create a simple red square in a new document that I save. I can then correctly open this document with for example: Acrobat Reader DC, Photoshop Elements, LibreOfficedev, Gimp, Inkscape with Poppler Cairo import for 100% layout, but I never have my red square (neither the red color nor the square, just a blank page) with Affinity, whether the modules are in stable or beta versions. Is there an import setting that I haven't seen? Thank you for your insight. Red square.pdf
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