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  1. Hello- Can anyone help me with Affinity Designer "Lagging /Not responding" issue? I click on a line in the drawing and I have to wait approx. 20sec (its painful to wait) it makes for a difficult workflow...I unchecked the "Acceleration" option and I still have the lag issue.....Please help...thanks
  2. I too am experiencing the "wheel turning"...I like the Affinity Designer program but I'm beginning to wonder if I can't get a solution soon I'll have to got o AI...are there any real fixes? I have major projects fast approaching and I need this to work and keep up w/my workflow. Please help...thanks
  3. Thanks Walt...for your comments...I was able to add a square brush for the eraser
  4. I guess I'll have to create a rectangle brush to get the effect I want...
  5. I'd like to change the shape of the eraser brush tool to Rectangle or square.....What is the trick to doing this? Thanks
  6. Oh wow... that's a nice improvement, Thanks for the modification! I'll lay it on a white background. Thank you for your time and assistance Tony
  7. HI- Does anyone have a method that'll remove just the blue background to this image? I tried the normal methds and final image dosn't come clean..the blue color is imbedded in between the coils of the spring. Thanks for any advise. I appreciate it....
  8. Walt- Good News I just did a lot of design steps to my document and the system only lapsed one time! Big improvement! ...thanks for your assistance. I think this made the change..."I unchecked the “hardware acceleration” . If you have any more insight on my system let me know. Thanks
  9. Hi Walt Thanks for getting back to so quick I appreciate it. I have a Lenova Laptop T490s (3months old) Think Pad Windows 10 The Lag-time occurs on most of my docs (example displayed) approx. 25 layers I unchecked the “hardware acceleration” and it seems to help some, but after doing a few clicks I got the “not responding” message I’m not certain of the pixel size, but I added a box that shows pixels when I export to jpeg. Let me know if you need any other info…and thank you for taking the time with me
  10. Affinity Designer has annoying /frequent "LAG-TIME" how can this be fixed? I have a lot of projects to accomplish and I have to wait for the app to "catch-up", I click to move a title or another item in my design and I get no response then it says "Not Responding" this is disrupting my workflow...Please Help with a real fix.....Please...thanks
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