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  1. Hi Old Bruce, thank you but whenever I click create it does not add to the main window. Aside from that it does also give a bit of love to film and video creators out there, Adobe has it in all their applications, way prefer Affinity but still would be nice.
  2. Hi there. I jump between many applications when creating motion graphics and editing (Avid, Premier and FCPX) and it would be great if set pre-sets for 4K, UHD, HD and other formats/pixel sizes can be included like in photoshop. Cheerio
  3. Thanks John. Will do but I think would be nice if title and action safe areas could be included in the future, I thuink it will be great for new users. Cheerio Tommy
  4. Hi there. I am new to the Affinity ecosystem but loving it, just with there was an alternative to After Effects. Anyway, am designing a map to work with an edit I am doing and I would like to add TV safe zones/cut-off areas to my canvas but can't see that anywhere. Also the new document options only cover print and web etc, does anyone know if the video world is going to be included in the future? Thanks.
  5. It would be super awesome to have a real competitor to After Effects. I do use motion but something more like After Effects would be a winner, control over keyframe interpolation, masks, expressions and shapes! I think there is a ton of improvement that can be make and the world would become a different place. I have made the move over to Photo and Designer and feeling more comfortable with them everyday! Now just a really cool motion graphics/compositing program would completely get rid of the need for Adobe for me.
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