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  1. I only left Inkscape because it's not well supported on MacOS. It has all the features I need (but not all I want, like artboards). Nothing is perfect, apparently. But this particular problem of distribution is a borderline deal-breaker. It's disappointing to hear they may not have the developers to quickly add things like this.
  2. Heh, that's a funny solution. It probably won't work though, unless the same largest character is in all the text. Is there a reason these other alignment options aren't available? Has it been discussed somewhere?
  3. Hi, is there a way to distribute objects by their centerline (column 2 in the image below) and edge (bottom edge is in column 3) and by text baseline (column 4)? All I can find is to distribute objects by space between objects (column 1), which doesn't solve the problem for objects that aren't equal sizes (like text height). Is there's a trick that will solve the problem without this specific feature? I can somehow manually place #2 and #3 (really annoying and time consuming), but column 4 text is impossible to get perfect by hand. Inkscape has additional controls that are hard to do without. But maybe I need to change my workflow... Thanks!
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