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  1. I too have this problem. I get the black box preview when I export 16bit .TIFFs. Files are about 140 megs. Same problem when I go to 8 bit. .JPEG has same issue. Also when I save and go back to Aperture, it says the image is an unsupported format.
  2. I have AP as my external editor inside Aperture. When I send it to AP to to work on, usually when I save and it should update in Aperture, I get a image which says "Unsupported File Format" Then I have export as TIFF and re-import into Aperture. Once I had the image in Aperture successfully modified from AP. I decided to tweak the image a bit more in AP and the "Unsupported File Format" showed up. Bug? Or workaround? Thanks in advance.
  3. Great program! So looking forward to learning more. My question may have been asked before . . . . Is there a PDF manual? The videos are outstanding, but for me it is awkward to switch back and forth from AP to video and back again. Having a printed explanation of a technique would make it easier to (at least for me) learn. Again, an awesome application! Thanks in advance, James M. Gross
  4. Hi. This would be an important feature for me. I would like a PDF instruction manual, as it is not always elegant to go to your site and find a video which might answer your "how-to" question. Thanks in advance. -- James
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