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  1. Just to confirm that I have received my Photo workbook finally, a few days after they have reapplied the order! I do not have it in my hands just yet as I am using the mail forwarding service to send it to a country where Affinity does not currently ship, but it has been received by the forwarders.
  2. I find it curious that they need to "reapply" the orders like past orders were lost or something (which is extremely weird and the fact that it says the order has been fulfilled, when it hasn't, is especially annoying). Once they reapply the order, you are given a new order number. I wonder if these orders are then being sent to the back of the queue because, if you try to order now, it says all the workbooks will be available on March 31 at the earliest. I'll report if I receive my Photo workbook after the order has been reapplied.
  3. 1. No need to renew every year. But an upgrade to v2.x may eventually cost some money. 2. There's an option to generate a VAT invoice in the "Order history" section which is where you fill in your VAT details and generate the VAT invoice.
  4. It's now full 9 weeks since ordering the Photo Workbook. Customer service said that it will be shipped "within 14 days" well over a month ago. I think I will just give up and ask for a refund as this is rather pointless. Edit: The customer service has now "reapplied" the order, fingers crossed!
  5. Any clues perhaps should I simply give up any hope of receiving the Photo Workbook ordered almost 9 weeks ago? I mean if it's a major holdup then it would be perhaps better to simply cancel and ask for a refund and give up as this is becoming rather pointless with no timely communication from Affinity at all. I did receive an email from the orders team promising shipment "within 14 days or so", but that was again well over a month ago, at the beginning of January. I know about covid, brexit, customs delays and them being busy but the communication efforts are still a major failure. Being new to Affinity this is rather disappointing.
  6. I have actually received a response weeks after the automated reply. It said there was a problem as the books are stuck in the UK and they are working on getting them to Amazon logistics in Germany for shipments within the EU and that this should be resolved within two weeks. But it apparently has not been resolved as it is now three weeks since that response. I can sympathize with the problems brought about by brexit and the customs issues but this is now simply downright unprofessional.
  7. Welcome to the club. It will be 2 months since ordering in a couple of days and the workbook has not even been dispatched yet.
  8. It's now 7 weeks since ordering the Photo Workbook and there's still no sign of it. I have received an apology about two and a half weeks back blaming shipping restrictions and the fallout from Brexit (they said they hoped to be able to ship from Germany to avoid customers paying import taxes), promising for the book to be shipped within the next two weeks but there's still no update or confirmation of shipment. Sigh. I think Affinity has been poorly prepared both for the Black Friday deals and for the impact of Brexit. What they could have done, though, is communicate better as leaving people in the dark is bad.
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