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  1. Hi MEB. I'm looking forward to the possibility of vertically aligning text in a frame. In fact, I miss this feature quite a bit. As for your answer above: I haven't found any mention or roadmap for Affinity Publisher in the news section of the forum. Is a Publisher app from Affinity still planned? If yes, when? Anyway, I hope that a vertical text alignment feature will soon make it into Affinity Designer. (BTW Thanks for all the great improvements of version 1.5!)
  2. I'd like to support the request of JDW. Selecting a distorted rectangular area is very easy with a polygonial lasso tool that just lets you click the corners (as in Photoshop). Holding the shift button with the freehand selection tool of Photo only seems to work partially (not all 4 side are straight lines), and it is not as quick and convenient. Thanks!
  3. Hi MEB, First of all: Great software that you released here, thanks! I also miss this this particular feature from Photoshop. It's a checkbox in the cropping tool, that enables you to freely and independently move the four corners of the cropping area. When confirming the crop, the selected area is straightened to a rectangle. This is by far the fastest and most precise and convenient way to crop and straighten a skewed rectangular area from a picture (for example a photo of a screen, poster or flipchart, taken from an angle) - much easier than the multiple steps it takes with the cur
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