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There is a perspective check box in Photoshop that I use all the time at work. At home, I would like to use Affinity Photo. How do you achieve the same control in Photo? I've managed something similar with the mesh tool, choosing the source mode. Is there a better way?

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Hi MEB, 


First of all: Great software that you released here, thanks!


I also miss this this particular feature from Photoshop. It's a checkbox in the cropping tool, that enables you to freely and independently move the four corners of the cropping area. When confirming the crop, the selected area is straightened to a rectangle. This is by far the fastest and most precise and convenient way to crop and straighten a skewed rectangular area from a picture (for example a photo of a screen, poster or flipchart, taken from an angle) - much easier than the multiple steps it takes with the currently available tools in Photo.


Please add this as a feature request. Thanks a lot for considering it!


Kind regards,


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