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  1. I bought Affinity Photo on the Apple app store when the program came out. Since then, I bought an Iphone 6. When setting it up, Apple asked to verify my email. But that email had become obsolete over the years. So the verification process could not proceed. I called them and asked that my apple ID be deleted. They explained that by doing so I would loose all the applications I had bought over the years with that ID. It really is a vicious circle. They can't verify your email adress? You're doomed. You loose everything associated with that ID. Therefore, I cannot update Affinity Photo, among ot
  2. There is a perspective check box in Photoshop that I use all the time at work. At home, I would like to use Affinity Photo. How do you achieve the same control in Photo? I've managed something similar with the mesh tool, choosing the source mode. Is there a better way?
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