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  1. Perhaps I will do, just because Affinity is really quick. But I am used to Inkscape, and as I draw quite a lot freehand, so a I need a good vectorizing tool. So I afraid, AF without vectorizing function AND without eps export not exactly the best for me. Really a pity.
  2. So you need in any case Illustrator to produce files for stock agencies. It's realy a pity-you always need Illustrator, and not everyone can (and is willing) afford it. I would be happy to work with AF, but without to be able to produce AI compartible eps files it is not realy an alternative for me. At the moment I have to work with Inkscape, using a script makes eps gradients readable for AI. Not a perfekt solution, but I did not found anything better... But thanks for quick answer. Your illustrationns are realy cute. Hier are some of my vectors:
  3. Hallo! How is it possible? I see, you use gradients in your illustrations, but stock agencies accept only Adobe Illustrator compartible eps format. AF can not export gradients in eps format that Illustrator can read, I tried it many times and failed. How did you do it? Did you export your eps's from AF or is there a trick I dont now? Thanks in advance for your answer.
  4. I opened the eps in Affinity Designer, and it worked alright. But I'm forced to provide Illustrator compatible files as well as the most designers have to deal with them. Adobe has a nearly monopol now, and there is no way to work as a professional without to produce Adobe compatible files. I'm not happy about this, but it is the reality. Affinity Designer was described as a real alternative to Illustrator, but in the situation we have it means automatically to be able to produce files compatible with Illustrator. I have no idea about programming, and I don't know, whether it is possible or not, but if there are some branches in Affinity Designer development, it would be not the worst idea to improve its Adobe compatibility. At the moment, I did not found my Illustrator alternative.
  5. I have been looking already long time for an alternative for Illustrator, but I am working for stock agencies, and they insist on Illustrator compatible EPS vector files. Unfortunately, it seems like Affinity Designer Eps does not work well with Illustrator. I created a very simple test file, just a circle filled with a simple radial gradient, only two massive colors, no effects, no transparency, and saved it in EPS format. By saving I have chosen the option ( I have german interface, so i don't know how it sounds in English) „allow no rasterizing at all“. After opening EPS file in Illustrator gradient was rasterized. To be sure I created a few more files with gradients, as simple as the first and they all did not work in Illustrator. By saving the same files as SVG gradients got saved, I was able to edit them after opening in Illustrator. Did I anything wrong, or are EPS gradients exported from Affinity Designer generally not compatible with Illustrator? It would be really sad, I was so happy to find an alternative for Illustrator for my stock illustrations, but without option to create gradients it is not really an alternative. Can you help me?
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