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  1. Thanks Walt, that’s great to hear and makes sense. Ok I now have my trial codes, shouldn’t need the full 90 days to try out all components, but good to know it’s there.
  2. Hi, quick question regard to the 50% and the 90 day trial. If I take out the 90 day trial on all three Mac apps today, will it still be 50% if I decide purchase during or at the end of my trial 90 days from now? Still currently with Adobe but keen to look at alternatives for best price. Thanks
  3. Cheers John, oh really that’s a shame, but good to know. I have gotten used to the Streamline functionality now fully integrated with Illustrator. I might have a gander at what independent apps are available out there. Off the top of your head do you recommend any free or paid ones that integrate will with Affinity suite? Cheers for the welcome
  4. Hi, after 25 years, I’m looking to potentially move away from Adobe creative software. After researching alternative products to Illustrator and Photoshop I came across the Affinity suite. Have read through various information on the applications, however I either can’t find or have missed some information which would be useful in choosing the best solution moving forward. I have both a work station at the office and at home, can you install the same software instance on both machines, similar to Adobe CC. I.e download on both machines and insert the same activation code linked to
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