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  1. Thanks for the input, did that with an opacity of 75%. It does the trick quite well...
  2. Just guessing... It looks like he uses texture, grain and some airbrush brushes in pixel layers overlaying the actual vectors to achieve that look. At some parts the vectors could be rasterised and then further edited (blurred, smudged etc.) as pixel layers to get rid of that "vector look" you mention.
  3. I want to simulate the limitations of color gamuts from 2 different color profiles in a editable way. A random picture containing colours that are possible in the RGB spectrum, could be a color circle for example. Using filters, adjustment layers or other techniques to simulate something in between RGB and CMYK is the goal. Less colours than possible in RGB but more colours than possible in CMYK. The result should be something in the middle between RGB/8 sRGB IEC61966-2.1 and CMYK/8 U.S Web Coated (SWOP) v2. I am curios and I want to learn, so any input regarding this is welcom
  4. correct. The Affinity Help explains it like this: Nozzle-specific controller (Pressure, Velocity, Rotation, etc.)—For multi-nozzle brushes, pick a controller from the pop-up menu and click the adjacent Ramp profile icon to select a standard profile from lower thumbnails or create your own using the ramp chart.
  5. For some use cases it could work very well. Yes I have tried all the possible settings. Cyclic results in a brush stroke like this:
  6. I am working on my own custom brushes. I am creating brushes with 5 - 8 different nozzles. The random setting in the nozzles texture panel works quite well for some brushes but I need to control the sequence of the nozzles a little more. The problem is that the random setting produces a stroke where the nozzles often get repeated twice or more in a row. In my example you can see that the "square star" appears twice in a row and the "circle" 3 times in a row in a single brush stroke. - Is it possible to iterate in one sequence trough all the nozzles ? In this case:
  7. ...it does, but it's unhandy in this workflow. I simply select the templates, rightclick and choose desired application in the finder. Anyway, like i said, it's not the worlds end, just wondered about the concerning messages since the file was created by an authorised affinity app.
  8. I see, sorry for the confusion... The whole procedure was the following: I created lots of templates in Affinity Designer for use with Designer. Then I created lots of templates in Affinity Photo to use in Photo. Both end with .aftemplate. Then I took a template generated with Affinity Designer and changed it to open with Designer instead of the default set Publisher. I also checked the option to open all files with the .aftemplate ending with Designer. Since I need to create lots of templates, It is easier to open a batch of templates direct from the finder to chec
  9. Yes I did, but this is some weird overprotecting in this case 🤨. "Affinity Photo created this file..." but now its not safe anymore ?? Does not make sense to me in any way. It's not the worlds end, but still I like to be able to change the default app to open with on a double click.
  10. I created a few templates in AF this morning. I was able to open them in AF new>templates>myCustomFolder> abc.aftemplate and direct from the finder as well. Since I changed the "open with Affinity Publisher" to "open with Affinity Photo" the templates can not be opened from the Finder anymore. Resulting in strange warning messages from MacOs. The templates can still be opened via AF>new>templates, but I need to open multiple of them in one action to check them for errors. Thats why I opened them in finder directly.
  11. There are no Artboards in Publisher (same in Photo), so there is no value to change for that slider. I dont know why its in the Prefs, it only makes sense in Designer...
  12. Yes, thats a good idea. Gonna go with this, saves me a lot of time... Thank you, that helped me a lot.
  13. Not sure if I got this right, but I think I am having the same question here. I need all the corners to be sharp. The inside corners are round and they should be sharp to be consistent with the outer ones. But I cant find a setting to achieve this. My initial question:
  14. I need the round inner corners to be sharp like the outer corners but I cant find a way to achieve this.
  15. to reproduce this, macOs switch automatically depending on daytime. When I switch manually in macOs settings, all works as it should...
  16. So far so good, the settings for dark and light apply on manual switching like they should. Now it is on Default OS. When MacOS now switches to dark or light mode, AD should switch to its dark or light setting automatically. But then the background does not get the correct settings. When switching to darkmode for example, AD switches to darkmode but the artboard background gets a light grey. And vice versa when switching back to light, it gets a dark grey background. But this occurs only when MacOS switches automatically depending on daytime. When I switch in MacOs Settings manually between da
  17. Updated today to 1.9.0 and the mentioned issue is gone. AD feels as responsive as it was before. The update solves the problem.
  18. I tried and tested now for a few days, but it does not work. First, I set t the desired settings in AD Settings > UI Style for "light" and "dark". When switching manually between the two, the correct settings are applied, but when I activate "Default OS" and let AD switch the settings automatically when the os appearance of my mac changes, the Artboard background always gets the opposite color setting as shown in my screenshots. After the system once did a auto-switch, then the manual switching does not work either. It also sets the wrong (opposite) artboard background colors. I even
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