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    paulrobinson68 reacted to vwatson in Affinity affiliate scheme   
    Affiliate programs are just another form of marketing. What might otherwise be spent on ads would go as a commission to the affiliate instead. It can be a win-win if the affiliates bring in new people who might not hear of the software from other channels. It's not a big deal to me. I just thought if there was one, I'd take advantage of it.
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    paulrobinson68 reacted to vwatson in Affinity affiliate scheme   
    I'd love to see an affiliate option as well. I'd love to promote the products - and make a little while I'm at it.
    Although, here we call it an affiliate "program" rather than "scheme." Scheme seems to have a negative, shady connotation.
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    paulrobinson68 reacted to robcubbon in Affinity affiliate scheme   
    Does Affinity or Serif have an affiliate scheme? 
    I want to promote Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo as I think they are very good applications and they are good value.  
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    paulrobinson68 reacted to pbass in Closed Curves With Vector Brush – Gap?   
    Say I stroke a closed shape with a Vector Brush (in Designer). 
    There is always a gap at the terminal point.
    Say you don't want the gap. No matter how you edit the brush's Properties
    – including Head or Tail Offset, Overlap, Pull, etc., – 
    there's always a gap at the closing node.
    Is there a trick I don't know? (Besides opening the curve and tugging the end nodes for visual stroke overlap.)
    Wouldn't visual vector-brush stroke closure be a desirable feature for some/many purposes?
    ¿Could this option be designed into Brush Properties, in a later A.D. update?
    thanks in advance,
    – pbass
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    paulrobinson68 reacted to SunRiseMoon in Closed Curves With Vector Brush – Gap?   
    Nur sind leider die geschlossenen Kurven das Problem. Man muss nur als Kontur einen Pinsel nehmen, und schon geht alles schief.😁
    Alle betroffenen hoffen auf die Version 1.9.
    Unfortunately, the closed curves are the problem. You just have to take a brush as a stroke and everything goes wrong.
    All concerned hope for version 1.9.
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    paulrobinson68 reacted to jimklo in Closed Curves With Vector Brush – Gap?   
    Is there any plans to actually fix this bug? 
    This is like 4 years old and no real solution!
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