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  1. Knollolio

    iPad version?

    iPad Pro version of Affinity Designer and Photo, that would really be great! Where can we sign up for a beta release?
  2. Hi Matt, I just emailed the table to support@seriflabs.com (subject: 'To Matt: Copy paste this table in Affinity Designer and it will crash the app!'). Cheers, Knollolio
  3. Thank you for your response! I will send a file to you shortly. I tried it on both my macs and the table crashed Affinity repeatedly. A total crash of the app is something that should not happen, that's why I reported it. And also because this is an otherwise very stable app.
  4. When pasting a table from the clipboard that was copied from Word 2011, Affinity designer crashes (without warning; "Affinity Designer quit unexpectedly"). Luckily, the auto-backup saved most of my work. I was expecting that Affinity Designer would produce the table as unformatted text. Apart from that I'm very satisfied by Affinity Designer. I have used it extensively in the past few weeks and I am amazed by the by the blazing speed of the rendering engine when working on (very) complex drawings. Although I can think of many improvements, this app is really really useful. I finally left CorelDRAW for my artwork. Love it, can't wait to see the next beta!
  5. Knollolio

    CDR Import

    Indeed, CorelDraw is the one and only reason why I own Parallel's Desktop. And yes, the performance of CorelDraw under Parallel's Desktop is far from optimal. Moreover, with Yosemite coming, Parallel has to be upgraded again. This is exactly why I wanted to switch to another vector drawing application. And I also have a lot of CDR files that I'll need in the future. In my opinion, CDR Import would be a very good addition to Affinity Design.