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  1. Hi stokerg, I'm using 11.4 too here. It seems a bit random where they open. But I was able to replicate this. I opened two images, one smaller one then the one you see in front that has opened behind the Affinity Photo toolbar.
  2. I love using the separated mode. The only issue I have with it is, I have Affinity Photo's toolbar along the top. So sometimes when I open an image the top 1/4 of it appears under the toolbar, so I then have to then drag it out from under there. Is there any way to stop images from appearing under there? If not, I'd love to see images forced to only open where they won't be obscured by any of the UI.
  3. Likewise, I'd love to see the move tool be made default or at the very least the ability to set what tool is default to speed up our workflow. Guess I shouldn't hold my breath though, clicking the link @Pšenda shared, I can see this has been an ongoing request for years now.
  4. Thank you very much @Lagarto, that's what I'm doing wrong. It works for me now too with trial version of Affinity Photo.
  5. Okay, so this is interesting, So you were able to download the current trial version of Affinity Photo 1.8.6 and could get Eye Candy 7 working @Lagarto? Makes me wonder why it wasn't working for me. Thank you for testing it out, was this Eye Candy For yourself @firstdefence, was it not launching at all in 1.8.6, but then when using beta 1.9.206 it could now work?
  6. Exactly the same here, except I'm on Big Sur 11.1. Wish I could at least get it working at the same capacity as @LongtimePhotoshopUser. If it's just using an older version of Eye Candy, that's fine. But I suspect it must have more to do with running Mojave which isn't an option for an M1 Mac.
  7. @firstdefence are you also running the Mac App Store version of Affinity Photo? Just like you, when I click on it under Plugins I get nothing at all and that's the version I'm using. Wondering if it makes a difference since it sounds like @LongtimePhotoshopUser is able to get a lot further than us using Eye Candy.
  8. Ah, okay. Yeah, it was looking like you probably need Photoshop installed to install Eye Candy... but if it won't work even if I can get it past that step I guess I'm out of luck anyway. Cool reference though in your response though. 😀
  9. I was wondering this myself, anyone know how to install Eye Candy 7 so Affinity can use it... tried to do this on my Mac and Affinity isn't a selectable option for the installation.
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