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  1. I found that deselecting View->Show Bleed and then reselecting it caused the bleed to re-appear.
  2. As can be seen in this screenshot, a black rectangle frame is on the top layer, yet the art from lower layers appears over the rectangle: I exported the file to EPS and loaded it into Illustrator, where it appeared fine (over the background art): I loaded that same EPS back into Affinity Designer, but it still appears as the first picture above. Kevin
  3. I would like to suggest that Affinity properly scale text when an image is scaled to larger than 100%. The image below was scaled to 300%, and the text is blurry. I am working at 4K resolution, and need to scale the image up. The 'Text in' below is a 14 pt. Could you leave it at 14 pt in the final image, but behind the scenes display it at a size that keeps it from blurring when zoomed in? Adobe InDesign does this.
  4. I am using Photo for this, not Publisher. If you load either of your PDFs into Affinity Photo, the width is 210x297mm (no bleed for A4 paper). Note that it loads each page as an artboard w/o bleed.
  5. I tried importing a PDF created with InDesign, but it doesn't include the document bleed. Instead, I need to export from InDesign as JPEG files and open them separately in Affinity. Is this a bug? Note that I'll use Affinity Publisher to build files in the future, but I have files created with InDesign before Publisher was released.
  6. Excellent, thanks! Per the @Dan C request, here is a PDF that shows the font issue. Photo finds and loads Cambria Bold in the title, but it got the case and spacing wrong. The cube font in the card's body isn't right, but that's to be expected - I used Adobe's grep to color it. Kevin MonsterCards_final.pdf
  7. Here is a PDF of the card in Acrobat Pro, properly formatted. This is what I sent to my printer. In the meantime, I want to have another print/play company turn around a quick copy of the game I can use for the summer conventions. They want the cards in JPEG format, so I import the PDF into Affinity (I tried both Publisher and Photo): Notice that the title font got messed up (even though it shows as Cambria Bold 14 pt in both programs) as well as the cube font. I build the cubes in InDesign using grep, which isn't yet available in Affinity, so that explains the cubes but I'm not sure about the card title. This has caused me to export from InDesign to JPEG, to avoid the font problems altogether. But I find that even though I export at 300 dpi: Affinity Photo loads it as 72 dpi: Since I wrote my original post, I found that if I export to JPEG from Acrobat instead of from InDesign, it loads as a proper 300 dpi image in Affinity, so I'm past this problem. Any input you have on the font issues would be appreciated. I'd love to simply load the PDF into Affinity Photo, and for some files I can do that, but the fonts for this game seem to cause problems for Affinity. I'm trying to make the switch off Adobe, but things like this require that I maintain the Adobe subscription. Kevin
  8. I export from InDesign at JPEG 300 dpi CMYK, but when I open the file in Affinity Photo it's 72dpi and a lot bigger size. I can easily go in and change it back to 300 dpi (and smaller size) but it's kind of a bother when I've got dozens of files.
  9. I needed to find/replace a bunch of text in an afphoto file, so opened it in Publisher - worked great.
  10. I use grep in InDesign paragraph styles to apply a character style. So +1 from me to add grep into paragraph text styles.
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