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  1. I want to be able to set the default ruler units for all documents. I pretty much never want pixels and always want millimeters.
  2. The Resource Manager should allow entry of a directory. It should optionally (user-selectable) search the specified directory and all subdirectories for the missing file. It is a user error if there are files in subdirectories with the same name. It should then search that directory (and subdirectories) for all of the other missing files. If any file isn't found, it should query the user and let them skip/continue even with the missing file.
  3. I'd really like to be able to set the default tool. I can't see ever using the Hand tool, but it's the default even after removing it from the tool bar! I'd like the Move tool to be the default.
  4. I'd like to request a priority feature allowing users to set the default when a file opens. Having to change the units from pixels in 100% of the third party files that I open is tedious. I'd also like to be able to set the default tool for files to the Move Tool. I've in fact removed the hand tool from my toolbar in hope it would stop using that as the default.
  5. In my case I've not tried copying the files out of a Dropbox folder, but I'll keep that in mind. I would hate to have to remember to copy files to Dropbox when I finish editing them. Also, in my case, this can happen even when I have a single card with only 2-3 links.
  6. I like using the Light UI style, but when I do so it is very difficult to tell if dragging a layer up or down will make it a sub-layer or a top-level layer. It's a little easier with the Dark UI style.
  7. I see a similar issue frequently when I open files in Publisher. If I close Publisher via Windows Task Manager and restart, everything is hunky dory. It doesn't matter which file that I open - any of them with linked files cause a problem. Note that this happens even when there are no other files open in Publisher, and in fact only a few other programs open (mail, browser).
  8. Thanks for the help. I manually found instances of that font and removed them from the document. Publisher's Font Manager could do a better job with Locate by actually highlighting the text rather than just selecting the entire text box.
  9. Per the first screenshot you can see that I selected the Regular style for Adobe Garamond Pro.Note that the same happens for the Knockout font.
  10. The preflight panel reports missing fonts. I have installed those fonts, fixed them in the preflight panel, saved the document, closed it, and re-opened it. Preflight still reports missing fonts, though.
  11. I had this problem today - Publisher crashed whenever bringing up the resource manager. I took the advice here and renamed my links folder to something else, then started Publisher and pointed the resource manager to the renamed directory. Things are working fine again.
  12. I found that deselecting View->Show Bleed and then reselecting it caused the bleed to re-appear.
  13. As can be seen in this screenshot, a black rectangle frame is on the top layer, yet the art from lower layers appears over the rectangle: I exported the file to EPS and loaded it into Illustrator, where it appeared fine (over the background art): I loaded that same EPS back into Affinity Designer, but it still appears as the first picture above. Kevin
  14. I would like to suggest that Affinity properly scale text when an image is scaled to larger than 100%. The image below was scaled to 300%, and the text is blurry. I am working at 4K resolution, and need to scale the image up. The 'Text in' below is a 14 pt. Could you leave it at 14 pt in the final image, but behind the scenes display it at a size that keeps it from blurring when zoomed in? Adobe InDesign does this.
  15. I am using Photo for this, not Publisher. If you load either of your PDFs into Affinity Photo, the width is 210x297mm (no bleed for A4 paper). Note that it loads each page as an artboard w/o bleed.
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