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  1. In my experience the 1.9.1 update seems to have solved this issue I'm running on an Apple Silicon device (M1 MBP) with Big Sur 11.3 Beta
  2. For those coming to this thread for the first time, see also:
  3. lol, no, this is not what "blocked" means in this context 😅 clearly there's a problem somewhere but Apple is not doing anything intentionally to cause this. I would advise you to learn a bit about software development before making up some conspiracy theory... edit, since i saw someone react with the confused emoji: "blocked" in a programming context just means that a thread is waiting on something else to complete before it continues, like how you might wait to complete your shopping list before leaving to go to the shops
  4. Here is another screenshot from the trace, showing how AD's main thread is blocked for most of the duration:
  5. I've attached a trace taken with the macOS Inspector app in which Affinity Designer 1.8.6 (web version) exhibits the launch delay problem, to help the devs diagnose. This was taken with the App Launch template, changing the time limit from 5 seconds to 30 seconds, and stopping early once the app finished launching. As you can see from the screenshot also attached, the delay occurs during the "System Interface Initialization" stage. Maybe this video on the Apple Developer site could also help: https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2019/423/ Affinity_Designer_slow_launch.trace.zip
  6. To clarify, has the QA team been able to reproduce the same issue for the non-MAS versions? It seems that many people in this thread, myself included, have had the same problem with the versions downloaded directly from the Serif website. I will try the copy workaround, thanks for bringing that up!
  7. Are there any updates from Serif on this issue, e.g. has the cause been identified? I'd also like to confirm this problem isn't limited to the MAS versions, as the issue occurs for me with the latest web versions of Photo and Designer.
  8. I am also seeing this behaviour with the non-Mac App Store versions of Photo and Designer, on an M1 MBP
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