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  1. Fantastic news. Proving the Affinity Team never stop developing their apps and improving them !
  2. Yeah, good point. I don't know much about any of this but it would be a really cool feature for Affinity !
  3. No, it doesn't have to be a white background it could be any colour. This is a two-click technique.
  4. Dear Affinity Team, Would it be possible to have a tool that automatically removes the background changing it to transparent by exporting it to a PNG file please? Many thanks. Nick
  5. Alfred thank you, You were actually bang on with your advice. A bit of eureka moment when it worked for ! If only one person mention 'just click and let go' I would have been ok. That's not a criticism in anyway, people I guess literally do it without having to think about it (that's a good place to be!) Anyway, thank you so much. It is very much appreciated. Nick
  6. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong I have watched a few tutorials but it's not working for me. When I grab the triangle the whole text box moves. I have tried both creating a new text box and also grabbing the triangle and moving it draw a new text box. As you can see from the screen shot I must be doing something wrong. I was trying to link the text in the box to a text box in the second column. Do I need to hold any buttons down ? Many thanks for your help, Nick
  7. Thanks for posting these but I have seen these but sadly none of them explain what to do when things don't work exactly to the plan or explain where things go wrong !
  8. I've got to be honest, I am really struggling with Layer Masks.I really don't get it ! - I understand White Adds Light, Black Subtracts but Ive looked at a number of responses on here and tutorials but I'm finding: - Sometimes images rasterise and don't work. - Sometimes I can either paint black all over the image, other times white. - What layer do I need to be paining on a jpg layer or a pixel layer ? I have found nothing really explains layers in a simple way please can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong ? I'm a new user but loosing total confidence in myself. Many thanks for your help and guidance which is very much appreciated. Nick.
  9. First of all I am new to AP and I dont understand all the Terminology. I have looked at some FAQs but become even more confused. All I'm trying to do is print off an A4 poster with I image and text (7-8 Layers used). When I print direct from AP everything is fine. When I export to PDF and print the poster is 'fussy' and un sharp.🙁 It can't be that complicated, but I have no idea what i'm doing wrong or how to achieve a 'crisp' poster in PDF format. 😀 Many thanks for your help. Nick
  10. No, I will try the Beta download. once again, thank you for your suggestion - Nick
  11. Many thanks for your help Kirk, I will look into getting a replacement. Best wishes, Nick
  12. Actually, my iMac might be that old it doesn't have an GPU (Metal) Option, I couldn't find it under preferences !
  13. Hello Kirk, Sorry my mistake, it is an iMac (not sure of year). I'm on MacOS Catalina Version V10.15.7 with Affinity Photo 1.8.6. I will try your suggestion of disabling GPU (Metal. Many thanks for your help which is very much appreciated. Nick
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